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The Scholastic Store Online is a great way for parents to get their kids involved in learning outside of the classroom. And now with Savvy Perks, you can save a ton of money on books, toys, games, and software to get your child to learn even when they’re at home. Especially with online learning, extending the classroom to home is more important than ever, and Scholastic can help you do that.  
The Scholastic Store Online Kid Learning on Tablet

Help Your Kids Succeed in a Learn From Home Environment

COVID-19 has changed house cleaning forever, but it has also changed a lot in kids’ lives as well. A lot of times it’s easy to forget that it’s been hard for our kids to get used to this huge change in how they learn. 

Now their classes are partly or totally online, and that’s been hard for a lot of kids to adjust to. But, Scholastic’s materials are meant to help your kid learn while at home and get them more adjusted to this new learning environment.

They have a ton of different options to make sure that your kids are learning in the best way that they can. Whether it’s through software, books, videos, or even games, you can get your kids to learn!

Save at the Scholastic Store Online With Savvy Perks

The Scholastic Store’s mission is to help your kids find the way that they feel most comfortable learning and to expand on that. But they can do even more than that. You can also save a ton of money on anything you order from their site when you use your Savvy Perks!

Now, as you and your kids continue to adjust to the online learning environment in your home, you can save money! And you can help your kids succeed better by motivating them with different learning avenues.

Every kid has a way they love to learn, you just have to find it!

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