About Savvy Perks Employee Discount Program. It’s employee benefits for small business owners. And came about by you asking for loyalty rewards for your house cleaners and maids.

Savvy Perks is a division of Savvy Cleaner owned by Angela Brown and ho nst of Ask a House Cleaner. You asked about an employee rewards program for your team and here it is.

Savvy Perks is about savings on an epic level. We’ve just partnered with America’s largest employee discount network. With over 250,000 restaurants and retailers, the deals and discounts take loyalty perks to a whole new status.

Your monthly memberships include an app that gives you instant access to buy-one-get-one deals. There are “member only” discounts, and freebies. Sign up today at https://SavvyPerks.com

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: What is Savvy Perks Employee Discount Program?

 An employee discount program. “How do you become a part of an employee discount program as a small business owner?” We’re going to talk about that today.

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Savvy Perks Employee Discount Program is all About You

Savvy Perks is an employee discount program that you can join so that your employees will be more loyal thanks to the benefits you’ll provide.

About Savvy Perks, Woman Getting MassageNow, how this got started was a couple of weeks ago. I got a question that came into the show. A house cleaner wanted to know about employee perks for small business owners. Because with one to three employees, there aren’t many desirable benefits one can offer without breaking the bank.

On the show, we offered a few suggestions, and we posted the show, and that was that. But it sparked a conversation among house cleaners and their employees.

Well, employees came back and shared this with me. “Do you know, we would really like is for our employers to give us a massage.”

Not, the employees give us a massage, but gift us a massage so that we can go down to the spa. At the end of a cleaning day, our bones are wary. We want pampering.”

Employee Discount Program – What About Affordability?

About Savvy Perks Mans money floats awayThe cost of a spa treatment is like $50 to $100, $150 bucks. It’s kind of expensive. And to do that for your employees, it’s got to come from profit. After expenses and payroll, how often are you going to be able to do that? Is that once a month or once a quarter? Is that once a year? As a small business owner, even $100 is a lot of money.

I Don’t Have Any Nationwide Connections to the Spa Business

About Savvy Perks, Sorry No DealSo, I started doing some research on national spa chains in hopes they would give me some kind of a discount that I could pass along to you. But I just kept running into brick walls. I wasn’t finding anybody that would offer some kind of a deal that was accommodating to everyone.

What I found was there were small mom-and-pop spas across the country that were able to make deals. But there wasn’t anything that I could package together and bring to you.

One Employee Discount Program Leads to Another

About Savvy Perks, Man Working as Customer ServiceWell, in my research, I stumbled on a company that has an employee discount program they offer to hospitals, and banks, and airlines. Corporations that have 7,000 to 10,000 employees that can guarantee lots of sales volume.  I said, “Well, they did a deal with the spa companies around the country. How did they do it?”

So, I started contacting these employee rewards, employee discount program owners, and I got one guy on the phone. He said, “What you’re trying to do is impossible. You are asking for a 50% off discount on something that you don’t have the buying power for. 

You don’t have the 10,000 or 12,000 employees in order for somebody to give you that kind of a deal.” 

He said, “What you need to do is package yourself with an employee discount program, and then offer that to the members of your network.”

How Does an Employee Discount Program Work?

About Savvy Perks, Woman With Cleaning Supplies“How do we do that?” Because we are not big companies. Many of us are onesies and twosies. 

We’ve got one employee, or we’re a solo house cleaner, or maybe we have five employees, or maybe we’re a big company and we have 30. 

We don’t have thousands of employees. How do we get those same kinds of discounts?” 

Then he explained it to me. “Savvy Cleaner becomes the hub. You become the major corporation and then you pass the savings onto the members in the Savvy Cleaner Network.”

How About Buying a Massage from An Employee Discount Network?

About Savvy Perks, Woman Paying for Spa on Home Computer“So, if these members are going to buy a massage, for their employee. How would that work?”

He says, “Okay, how it works is we’re a national network. We are America’s largest employee discount network. We have over 250,000 companies inside our network that we have already done deals with. If you join with us, you would be accessing those discounts for your members.

Your members sign up on your website and they receive an access code to unlock the discounts, benefits, and savings.”

You Can Access the Employee Discount Network From a Smartphone App

About Savvy Perks Phone App Apple and Android“Now, the cool thing is there’s an app on the phone. Let’s say that you were going to buy your employee a massage. You could go to your area and type in the information, and it pulls up all the spas in your area. 

As the employer, you can book a spa day and pay for it for your employee with your discount. And your employee never needs to know you got a 30% – 50% discount.”

If you go to the spa without the employee discount network there are no deals. There are no savings. There are no bargains. You just pay whatever the going rate is.

But if you go through the employee discount network, you get the exact same package plus the savings. That’s your membership benefit.

Thought About Giving Your Employees Savvy Perks?

About Savvy Perks, Woman on TabletNow, you can also sign up your employee and they could go to any spa they want. They just get their own 50% discount and they can buy themselves the massage.

What you will be providing them is access to the employee discount network. That sparked one question after another.

If I’m going to commit to something like this I want to know what else we get for our money.

It’s About Customization – Not Everybody Wants a Massage

About Savvy Perks, Fast Food Drive ThruI said, “You know, the group of people that I represent are practical people. Not everybody’s going to want a spa treatment. What else do you have that’s simple, like going through a drive-through for lunch? Do you have any food or restaurants that offer some kind of savings?” He said, “Yes, we have 70,000 restaurants in America. There are brand names. They have chains. There are all kinds of places that you eat at every single day.” He pulled them up, and he showed me on his computer.

I saw all kinds of national brand pizza places, and burger and fry places, and sandwich places, and places for soups and salads. I was like, “This is so awesome. What kind of savings can we get?”

Access Your Favorite Places With Your Employee Discount Program

About Savvy Perks, Burger and FriesTurns out there is an app on the phone you access once you join Savvy Perks and we pulled up a local diner near me. I know the menu and the soup and salad combo is in the ballpark of $7.50 for lunch. Once logged in with the advertised coupon the price of the same meal was $4.39 BOOYAH!

I was like, “Oh my goodness, I could go there right now with this membership and I could eat my lunch for $4.39. I totally would do this.”  Imagine having access to all these discounts.

What Else You Got?

About Savvy Perks, Car Oil ChangeI said, “What else do you have that’s practical?” He said, “What else is practical for you?”

I said, “Well, like getting an oil change for my car.” 

He said, Okay, so we have places around the country.” These are all your typical, (you-see-them-in-every-city) car shops that do oil changes, and tire rotations.

I Got Really Excited When I Think About the Potential of these Perks

About Savvy Perks Shopping for ShoesHe showed me on the computer. He pulled one up in my area. I was like, “Oh my goodness. That’s where I go to get my car inspected.” He said, “yeah, instead of a 29.99 oil change,” and he showed me on his app,” it’s 19.99.” I could save $10 on just my oil change.

Then, I got really excited about this because I started to see the benefits of belonging to a program like this.

I had to go back and say, “Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me make sure that I understand. This is the same program that’s offered to the banks? And the airlines? Hospitals, and all the different companies that have 10,000 employees?” 

“And we are going to be able, as one or two people, to access these benefits?” 

He said, “Yeah, don’t get confused. Savvy Cleaner is the hub. You’re going to sign up for the program and you act as the corporation. People have to come through Savvy Cleaner and become a member to get the Savvy Perks.”

Savvy Perks Employee Discount Program for Travel?

About Savvy Perks, Family at Hotel LobbyThen I asked about travel.

“We have all kinds of travel arrangements and hotels, and brand name hotels all across the country.” Hotels, condos, vacation rentals, Airbnbs.

Then, he showed me an interesting example for the week of Thanksgiving.  It’s the busiest travel holiday of the year. He picked a five-day window, which is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to the following Monday.

And together we did a search. We went to one of the major online travel sites, and we pulled up a hotel. Then, I made a note of the hotel. And I picked a room. He showed me that for that hotel, (and it was a big brand name hotel.) For this particular window of time, was going to $1,099 for that five-night window.

Then, he went through his program and searched the exact same hotel. For the exact same room for the exact same dates. It was $670 for the exact same travel package going through the employee discount network.

If You Only Took One Trip a Year…

About Savvy Perks, Family at Water ParkThen, I got really excited. If I take one trip per year and I save the $400, and then I started thinking, “Oh my goodness. We could use this for family vacations. We could use this for theme parks. Wait, do you have theme parks?”

“Yes, we do.” 

What about waterparks?” 


I’m thinking of all the house cleaners that have kids. I said,

“What about gym memberships?” 

He said, “Yes, we have gym memberships and spas…”

In the 25 Years, I’ve Been Cleaning Houses I Have Never…

About Savvy Perks, Cleaning TeamI just go so excited, because in the 25 years that I’ve been cleaning houses, I’m a small company. I’ve had lots of employees, but I’ve never had 10,000 employees.

I’ve never been able to offer this kind of a program at this kind of a level. This is an amazing opportunity for us, because we’re small business people. There are one and two people in our companies. Sometimes there are three, or five, or, 10, but we’re small businesses.

I’m like, “Oh my goodness. Where do we sign?” He said,

“Before you sign, would you like to talk to your board of directors?” I said,

“No, I would like to just sign up, because this is a no-brainer.” 

If for no other reason you were able to offer this kind of employee perks package to our employees it pays for itself hundreds of times over.

What Else Do You Have in Your Employee Discount Program?

About Savvy Perks Electronics Collection“Apparel. Shoes. School Supplies. Electronics. Dog Training, Pet Meds, House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Furniture Stores, Day Care, Landscaping, Blow up Jump houses and Party Rentals. Weight Loss Programs, Floral Arrangements, and Jewelry. Coffee Shops, Senior Care, Groceries and more.”

Poof. My head was blown. I have never seen anything like this available to the small business owner.

Announcing Savvy Perks Employee Discount Program

Savvy Perks Happy PeopleI am so excited to announce and bring to you a new division of our company, which is Savvy Perks. SavvyPerks.com is the new portal and the new hub where you are now able to join sign up your employees.

If for any reason your employees don’t work out, don’t worry, it’s a month-to-month contract. But they can access this immediately once you sign up.

Anyway, so I’m super excited about this. This is a revolutionary concept for small businesses, to be able to access the benefits that major corporations are enjoying. Because until this moment, we’ve never had the buying power. But we deserve the benefits and perks they get. We work just as hard.

And if I can offer it to you guys, oh my goodness. Let’s do this! Welcome to SavvyPerks.com

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