Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a great restaurant for cleaners to use for a quick meal while on the go and to save money with Savvy Perks! Cleaners need quick meals and sub sandwiches are perfect for that! While you’re out cleaning all day, it’s an amazing way to stay healthy and energized!  
Jersey Mike's Subs Sub Sandwich

House Cleaners Need Quick Healthy Meals for Work

Sub sandiwches are a great meal for cleaners to use between jobs and even after work! They’re also a great way to get your whole family a meal and fit it into your busy schedules. Whether it’s before a practice, after school with the kids, or even between house cleaning jobs, a Jersey Mike’s sub is a great option for cleaners.

When you’re cleaning, you don’t always have the time to make lunch, and especially a healthy one, before you head off to clean for the day. So, you often have to find something fast to eat between houses.

Smoothies are a great option, but you can’t just have a smoothie during work every day, so you need to find something a little more substantial. With a sub, you can stay healthier, and get a quick meal that can be eaten on the go. It’s amazing for you to stay energized and on the go during your busy day!

Jersey Mike's Subs Savvy Perks

When you go to Jersey Mike’s Subs for your meal time, you can save a lot of time in the morning that would otherwise be spent trying to scrape together a meal that will last you during your day of cleaning jobs. But, you can also save money. 

Because Jersey Mike’s has partnered with Savvy Perks, you can now save a ton of money on subs whenever you want one! You can use it multiple times, so you can save a ton of money on meals for the whole family. 

No matter if you need a quick meal between jobs, a meal after work, or a meal for the whole family, Jersey Mike’s Subs is a great option!

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