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Facebook Group

Do You Have a Facebook Page for Savvy Perks?

Yes. Come over and join us.

Share great ideas with other small business owners on ways you can save money in your business and personal life.

FAQ How Long Does it Take - Girl watching wrist watch

Once I’ve signed up, how long does it take for my account to be active?

It usually takes 24 hours or less to process your account and set you up with the vendors and activate your membership.

By the same token, if you discontinue your membership at any time for any reason, it usually takes 24 hours to suspend or put your account on hold.

FAQ Can I Pay Not Using Credit Card, Hand holding coins

Can I Pay with Another Method Than a Credit Card?

Your membership is set up on an automatic billing so you don’t have to think about it every month. To make it easy for you we use PayPal. This way you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or have money deducted directly from your bank account. You can choose your automatic payment options by logging into your free PayPal account.

FAQ Refund Policy, sign posts saying Refund Policy

What is the process to get a refund and close my account if I am not satisfied?

If at any time you have a problem, need to close your account, or remove somebody from your account, you can send an email to [email protected]

FAQ Auto Payment, Dollar Sign With Arrows Circling It

Can I Set My Membership Up on Auto Pay?

Yes. Your membership is set up on automatic billing so you don’t have to think about it every month. To make it easy for you we use PayPal. This way you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or have money deducted directly from your bank account. You can choose your automatic payment options by logging into your free PayPal account.

FAQ Man questioning how to include company in perks

How Do I Request a Company to Become Part of Savvy Perks So I Can Get a Discount?

There is a request form you can fill out and submit to the marketing department. As much information you can provide about the company (address, phone, web address and/or contact is helpful.)

  • Once logged into your account click on the “More” button in the toolbar.
  • Choose the option: Recommend a Retailer
  • Fill out the form.
FAQ Woman wants to add business to Perks

How do I offer my services on Savvy Perks?

There is a request form that is easy to access from a laptop or tablet. You simply fill out a request form and the person in charge of adding new services will start a dialogue with you.

FAQ Competitive Business on Savvy Perks - Hand Moving Chess Piece

What if I see a competitive business on Savvy Perks?

There are several vendors and providers for every service available through the Savvy Perks program. If you see one of your competitors – they are exercising brilliance in advertising. By catering to an exclusive market (employees of large corporations) they are drumming up business they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

FAQ Man Wants to Join as Solopreneur

Can I join Savvy Perks if I am only one person?

Yes. Savvy Perks is designed to be the membership provider. You would be considered a “Member.”

FAQ What Do I Get For My Money

What do I get for my money?

The possibilities are endless. Once you have the app on your smartphone you’ll start checking every purchase at every vendor before you buy.

  • Look for hotels and rental cars before you plan a trip.
  • Check for amusement park tickets before you go.
  • See what movie discounts area available before you go to the theatre.

The participating companies offer substantial savings, discounts, membership deals, and perks like buy-one-get-one-free deals. After having the app installed on my phone for three days – on everyday gas and grocery purchases and two restaurant stops I saved $117 and I did nothing out of the ordinary except check the app to see who was offering deals.

FAQ Woman Stands at Directory of Companies

Can I see a list of the companies before I join?

There are over 700,000 companies that offer perks, discounts, and savings through the Savvy Perks program. The current up-to-date list is can be viewed here. The best way to search is to type in your zip code so you can see what is available in your area.

FAQ Group of Employees

How does it work if I have multiple employees?

Each employee that has an account will go through the sign-up process. If as the employer you are paying for them, you’ll pay the signup fee and first-month membership fee. Each month thereafter, the payment you used will be automatically be billed for the monthly amount of the membership.

FAQ Young Woman Saves Money Hand in Pocketbook pulling out money

Do I save money if I have multiple employees?

How you save, and what discounts you take are up to you. You can use your Savvy Perks membership savings to host company parties, company excursions or by purchasing package deals for flowers, edible arrangements, spa treatments etc. Then sure, the more you buy, the more you save.

The price you pay per membership stays the same rock-bottom price each month per employee, whether you have one or two hundred employees. We’ve passed all the savings along to you up front.

FAQ Network of People, No Limits on How Many You Can Sign Up

Am I limited to how many people I can sign up under me?

No. You can sign up as many people as you like. There is no limit to the number of memberships you buy.

FAQ Man Signs up His Parents. Family taking a selfie

Can I sign up my Mom or Dad who don’t work for my company on this program?

Yes. You will have to pay the one-time membership fee and first month membership and then each month the payment you used will be automatically debited for the monthly membership fee.

A membership to Savvy Perks makes a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift – also great for Birthdays and anniversaries. It’s a great gift because it’s not something they have to store. It has no shelf-life. And every time they use it, they will think of you. Booyah!

FAQ Man does accounting in Cafe

If I’m paying for my employees (or my parents) membership and they buy something using the app, do I pay for that or do they?

Excellent question. All you’re paying for is the membership. Everything they buy they pay for. It’s similar to giving somebody a membership card to Costco or Sam’s Club. The membership gets them in the door and gives them access to savings. When they buy something, they buy with their own money.

(The membership to Savvy Perks is significantly less though than a membership to Costco or Sam’s and good at thousands of retailers and service providers.)

FAQ Spa Day, Woman with face masks take selfies at the spa

How do I use the Perks to buy a spa day for my employees?

If you are doing a spa day. You would pick the spa provider and set an appointment. Then you would use the code or discount offer provided by the spa to purchase packages. Your employees will never know you saved %15 to 50% on their “bonus.”

FAQ Gift Cards Hands holding a gift card

Can I buy gift cards at participating vendors with my Savvy Perks membership?

That is a trick question because we have partnered with over 250,000 vendors in various cities. Some are small mom and pop companies and everybody’s rules are different.

Each offer has instructions on what is included and how to get the best use from your membership.

Yes, some do allow you to purchase gift cards at their establishment with your membership perks, and some specifically say you cannot.

The key is to read the instructions connected with each vendor for the best user experience. (And they are all on the app under each deal. SUPER EASY to find.

FAQ Substantial Savings Network of People

How are you able to offer such a substantial savings to us?

We guarantee and pay for so many memberships to the host company each month. By pulling together our entire network of small business providers we qualify as a “company” or “membership provider” under their rules. So, if you’re joining us, you’re helping us meet our quota. THANK YOU.

FAQ How Much Needed to Qualify Woman looks at floating money

How much out of pocket do I have to spend each month to qualify and keep my account active?

Your account is active as long as you pay your monthly membership dues. There are no monthly purchase requirements to keep your account active. If you don’t use your membership for six months, but keep paying the monthly membership dues, your account will remain active for use at any time.

FAQ Suspend My Account if Money is Tight, Dollars squeezed by Belt

Can I suspend my account if I get in a financial bind and can’t pay for a month?

Yes. If you contact us 48 hours before the billing date and ask to suspend your account we can do that at no extra charge. When you are ready to reactivate your account, contact us with a 48-hour notice and we’ll resume.

NOTE: If you don’t contact us and ask us to “suspend” your account – the word “suspend” is key, and your payment doesn’t clear, your account will automatically be closed.

You will have to pay the joining fee again in order to access your membership perks and benefits.

FAQ Man Kicking through Doorway

Under what circumstances can you kick me out of the program?

As long as your payment is current and you behave there is no need to kick you out of the program. You are encouraged to be polite and civil at all establishments but Savvy Perks does not police your behavior. Every vendor has the right to kick you out of their establishment – but they have that right already. Just be cool and there is no need to worry.

FAQ Angry Woman Has Customer Service PRoblem

What do I do if I have a customer service problem at one of the vendors offering savings, perks, and discounts?

Each offer is connected to a Yelp review. So after you have used your Savvy Perks membership, you can leave a rating and review for that vendor.

The vendors offering discounts and savings are similar to you and me in that they are paying for advertising and they are trying to bring new business in the door. Hopefully, they will fight for your business by providing outstanding customer service that makes you WANT to come back. (And leave them a positive rating and review.)

And just like you and me, every vendor is a business owner or has a customer service department. If you have a problem, try to resolve it just like you would under any other situation. Usually on the spot at the point of sale is the best way to resolve problems, get help or ask for a refund.

FAQ 18 years or older

Do You Have to Be a Certain Age to Join?

Yes. 18 or have a legal guardian sign your paperwork for you. We don’t sell to minors. A person over 18 years of age with a credit card can hook up an account for you on auto pay and once you download the app to your phone. You can take advantage of the employee benefits wherever you are.

FAQ Download the App

How do you install the mobile app?

Once you join Savvy Perks, the welcome screen will ask you if you want to download the smartphone app.  Click yes.

To download the app will ask you to log in using your smartphone credentials. This is YOUR EMAIL and PASSWORD that you use to access any purchases on your smartphone. NOT THE EMAIL YOU USED TO JOIN SAVVY PERKS (unless it’s the same.)

Once you’ve downloaded the app when you try to log in to access your perks – THEN YOU USE YOUR SAVVY PERKS CREDENTIALS.

Map of USA and Canada

Are Savvy Perks Available in Canada?

“Yes, we do have offers located in Canada and other locations as well. The majority of our offers are in the USA. However, we do have local and dining deals in Canada. We also have car rental and travel in Canada, UK, France, and Germany, even worldwide.

If members are unable to locate discounts they would like on our program, both in and out of the USA. We have an option called “Recommend a Retailer” at the bottom of our site. They can add any information they have for any particular vendor/merchant they are interested in and submit it to our company. We have a team who reaches out to vendors submitted to see if they would like to join our program and provide a discount.”

Groupon vs. Savvy Perks

What is the difference between Savvy Perks and Groupon?

Groupon is very similar to Savvy Perks in that it provides deals and discounts from a wide variety of restaurants, retailers, services, and adventures.

That’s about where the similarities stop.


  • With Groupon, you sign up free and every day you get an email with a “deal of the day”.
  • You usually have 24-48 hours to pounce on the deal. And you must purchase it at that time.
  • The deal you buy is usually good for up to 6 months.
  • Groupon Deals are often limited to 1 per customer.
  • The catch is that you must archive the coupon you’ve purchased so you can redeem it later.

I’ve bought Groupon deals but then forgot to bring the coupon with me or it expired before I had the chance to use it.


  • With Savvy Perks, you pay a one-time joining fee of $39.95 and a monthly membership of $6.99. It’s a premiere membership giving you employee pricing at thousands of retailers.
  • There is no pouncing on deals. The deals are available to you at any time.
  • You only pay for a service or product when you use it.
  • Most Savvy Perks Deals are unlimited use – meaning you can redeem a coupon at a vendor today and redeem another one tomorrow and another the following day.
  • The coupons can be printed – but the easiest way to redeem a coupon is to pull it up on your phone at the time of checkout. There is no archiving or storing coupons.

While it’s true both discount programs save you money, I like Savvy Perks best because there is no impulse buying to “get the deal.” And I don’t have to remember if or where I’ve stored the coupon before it expires.

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