Savvy Savings

Happy Friday, Savvy Savers! It’s no secret that technology is the key to success…so load up with some new hardware! With Savvy Perks, get discounts on these different products that you need – you’ll make your annual subscription back in the money you save.

SP 5-9-2022 Cell Service

Savvy Perks is Calling…

Are your calls getting dropped? Maybe it’s time you switched providers. Now AT&T and T-Moblie are with Savvy Perks.

Saving money in your business is our thing.

SP 5-11-2022 Earpods

Go Wireless

Jabra and SkullCandy on Savvy Perks are giving great discounts on wireless earbuds. If you go through earbuds like this cleaner…you’ll appreciate the savings.

SP 5-12-2022 Computer Accessories

Get All Your Electronics in One Place

If you could only have one:

  • Cellphone
  • Computer
  • Extension Cord
  • External Drive
  • USB Charger or a
  • Smartplug

Which would you choose? 

With Savvy Perks, you can have them all. Now we’re all winning.

SP 5-10-2022 Computer

Did You Buy Mom Something Nice?

Did you get a new computer to run your business for Mother’s Day? No? You can still get one using your Savvy Perks – now with discounts on Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Happy Late Mother’s Day from Savvy Perks.

SP 5-13-2022 Best Buy

Find All the Tech You Need

Are you still hunting for the computer you want? Need a vacuum cleaner for your business or tv for your home? With Savvy Perks, you can get the best buy on all the electronics you need.

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