Jabra is an audio company that sells headsets and other working from home equipment that Savvy Perks is adding even more savings on!  In this new COVID and post-COVID world, working from home is going to be more and more common, so you might as well be prepared.
Jabra, Wireless Headphones

House Cleaners Can Use Jabra Headphones to Listen to Music While They Clean

When you’re at a client’s home, you may want to listen to music to drown out the noise from everyone living there. Or maybe you just work better when you have music. 

Especially now though, when a lot of people are going to be home, including the kids, you might want to listen to music while you clean so you don’t get distracted. 

Jabra Has You Covered

They offer amazing truly wireless earbuds that you can use in one ear so that you can still hear if a homeowner is talking to you, but you can keep focused while you’re cleaning. And, with no wires there is no chance of your earbuds getting yanked out by the vacuum or your arm!

Pro-tip, you can use one at a time so that you’re available to hear your clients should they need you. But, also so that your battery life lasts on those long workdays!

Jabra, Video Call

Business Owners are Going to Have to Work From Home Sometimes

The world has been going through a huge change this year. Millions of people have been forced by the pandemic to work from home. 

When you’re working from home, you need to have good equipment to make sure you’re doing the best job you can.

A great headset is as important as having a camera for your computer chats. Jabra has everything you need to conference with your employees and coworkers. Whether it’s a high-quality Bluetooth headset or a panoramic camera so that your video quality is amazing, you can put your best teamwork forward during these unique times.

Save on Jabra Audio and Video Tech With Savvy Perks

As everyone adapts to working around this pandemic and house cleaners and business owners go back to work, stay ahead of the curve by buying Jabra products.

You can stay focused at work or have crystal clear audio and video on video calls to stay prepared and put your best work forward. And now you can save tons of money on Jabra products when you shop through Savvy Perks!