Ecobee is a great start in turning your home into a smart home while saving you money when you shop their products with Savvy Perks! Their variety of smart home products are compatible with different smart devices and infrastructures. Their aim is to help you stay comfortable and safe inside your home.  

House Cleaners Can Use Smart Home Products While They Aren’t Home

Part of the appeal of using smart home products is that you can control them even when you aren’t home. This is especially useful for house cleaners, who spend a lot of time at other people’s homes, rather than their own.

So, you want to make sure your home is both comfortable when you get home, and safe while you’re out. Ecobee has the perfect solution for that. Now, while you’re out cleaning, your smart thermostat will maximize energy and recognize your home patterns to make sure it’s always comfortable in your house.

And, your smart home security cameras will alert you if anything suspicious occurs and send the video straight to your device. You can control both devices with your phone, and your family can also have the app on their device so that everyone is informed and safe.

Save on Smart Home Devices With Your Savvy Perks

Having a smart home seemed like a fantasy just a few years ago, and it seems like a luxury still today. But companies like Ecobee are working to make smart homes a reality for everyone.

One step they have taken to bring smart home devices to your home is partnering with Savvy Perks in order to save you a ton of money on their security cameras, smart thermostats, and other home solutions.

Now you can control your temperature and security with your voice using Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more when you buy from Ecobee. Plus, you can save money with your Savvy Perks!

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