FreshDirect is a company that sends healthy ingredients straight to your door, and helps you save money with Savvy Perks! Making healthy, quick meals for dinner, and for meal prepping is very important for house cleaners, and you can make it even easier with FreshDirect!  
FreshDirect Delivery

House Cleaners Need Quick, Healthy Meals

As a house cleaner, you’re going to have some trouble finding good meals to eat because of your busy schedule. It’s hard to find the time to make lunches that you can eat between jobs, and it’s also hard to come home and make dinner from scratch.

But, with FreshDirect, you don’t have to worry about gathering and measuring all the ingredients for your meals. They’re sent straight to your front door, measured just right for the meal, and ready to be cooked! They save you the time of going to the grocery store and then coming back and having to measure them all out to make your meals.

You can even use their meals and make them all at once as a meal prep solution if you would like! They have a ton of different options for meals that you can try each week when you order. So, you can stay healthy while saving time on groceries and cooking!

Save on FreshDirect Boxes With Savvy Perks

FreshDirect’s focus is bringing healthy food and meals right to you. But, they also want to make online grocery shopping accessible to all. They have started a partnership with Savvy Perks to save cleaners a ton of money on groceries.

So, not only are you saving a ton of time wandering through the grocery store, with your list, and ending up buying more than you need, you can get exactly what you need for the week, delivered right to you. 

You can even set it up so that your groceries get there when you get home from work so that they’re not sitting at your door! FreshDirect is here to save you a ton of time and money when you shop with Savvy Perks.

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