Zips Car Wash

Zips Car Wash is a chain car wash focused on quality. And, they have now partnered with your Savvy Perks to let you save even more money! Everyone’s car needs a wash sometimes, and not everyone has the time to really get in there and scrub all that dirt off of their car every week. So, Zips Car Wash is here to help you keep your car fresh in a timely manner!  
Zips Car Wash, Dirty Car

A Clean Car is a Sign of a Professional Business

When you own a house cleaning business, you want to put the most professional image out to clients that you possibly can.

What kind of image will it give if the first thing your client sees when you arrive is a nasty car that hasn’t been washed in months? 

Your car is your first impression, it’s the first thing client’s see when you get there. So, it is very important to make sure your company cars are cleaned regularly. 

You don’t want to ever create a negative image of your company in the client’s minds, and for some customers, a dirty car will do just that.

Zips Car Wash, Man Wiping Car

Zips Car Wash Has Tons of Different Plans

With Zips Car Wash, you can choose any of their unlimited monthly plans that allow you to wash, wax, and shine your car as much as you need. 

So, if there’s a rainy month or your car just keeps getting dirty for whatever reason, you can make sure it looks brand new when you arrive at a customer’s home!

Save Money on Zips Monthly Plans With Savvy Perks

As a house cleaning business owner, washing your company cars might not be number 1 on the priority list. But, if you think about it as part of your first impression, you need to have a clean car.

Luckily, Savvy Perks has you covered. When you become a member of a Zips monthly plan, you can save money each month with your Savvy Perks membership!

Now you can save money and give a good first impression of your company for clients.

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