Wavehuggers is a surf school that is ocean conscious while saving you money with your Savvy Perks membership! At the beach, surfing can be a super fun activity for cleaners to relax while staying active on vacation. Or if you live near a beach, surfing can be a great hobby to escape to when you’re not cleaning! But, it can be dangerous, both for you and parts of the ocean, which is why you need to learn to take care of yourself and the ocean when surfing!  

Surfing is a Great Hobby for Cleaners

As house cleaners, you have to find other activities for your free time in order to avoid burnout and injury while you’re cleaning. When you have another hobby to take up your time, it will actually help you focus on cleaning more while you’re on the job and perform better!

A lot of cleaners will take vacations to the beach to relax, but surfing is another way to have fun and recharge at the beach while staying active! Learning to surf and ride the waves is a great way to help balance and have a great time on the water when you need a break from work. 

At Wavehuggers, they can teach you not only how to keep yourself safe on the board, but how to also save the ocean at the same time! Their mission is to help others learn to protect the waves and ocean that everyone loves so much!

Save on Surfing Lessons With Your Savvy Perks

Along with saving the oceans, Wavehuggers is also focused on saving your wallet! To accomplish this, they have partnered up with Savvy Perks to make sure you save a ton of money on their surf lessons. 

Now you can be taught by surf professionals not only how to catch waves, but also how to protect them at the same time! And, with Savvy Perks, you can save a ton of money too!

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