Target is a big-box retailer that prides itself on quality and affordability. Plus, now you can save even more money when you shop online with your Savvy Perks! Target’s motto is Expect More, Pay Less. It is a testament to the quality of the items they offer while keeping them affordable as well.  House cleaners can shop at Target for some cleaning supplies, or they can even just go for a grocery run!
Target, Store Aisle

Target Allows House Cleaners a One-Stop-Shop for All Your Needs

As house cleaners, you need to be able to get things done quickly. Especially after a long day or week of work, the last thing you want to do is go grocery shopping or go out and buy new supplies.

So, has made it super easy to shop online for anything you need. Whether that’s supplies for your business or just some food to cook for dinner, you can find it on

Even if you might be moving to a new office or a new home, you can find furniture and decorations galore at Target and even more options online!

So, if you need a new mop or a broom for your home or business, you can easily find it on and have it sent right to you with free shipping of course!

Target, Online Shopping

House Cleaners Can Use Online Shopping to Stay on the Go

With, you can save your time by being able to order anything you need on the go. House cleaners spend a ton of time away from home, and on top of your jobs, you also have other things to do. 

You might have kids that you need to take and pick up from school or sports. Or even they may have a second job.

So, you need to be able to get groceries and supplies without spending an hour in the store. Now you can shop online so you can save your time for the things that really matter.

Get Free Shipping When You Shop Online With Savvy Perks

On top of Target’s deals, now when you use your Savvy Perks, you can get free shipping on any order of $35 or more. And that means if you get your groceries or cleaning supplies weekly, you can get free shipping and save every week! Woot woot!