Snappy Lube

Snappy Lube is an automotive repair service that house cleaners can use to save a ton of money with their Savvy Perks membership!


Keeping your car up and running throughout the workweek is very important for house cleaners, because you will spend a ton of time running around to different client’s homes and doing all your other errands as well.

Snappy Lube Oil Change

House Cleaners Have to Be Able to Rely on Their Cars for Work and Life

When you’re a house cleaner, keeping your car up and running is one of the most important things that you have to do. Your car is your transportation. Without it, you can’t get to any of your clients in order to clean for them.


Over time while you’re driving after a certain amount of miles, your oil becomes contaminated with dirt, dust, or other particles. This causes your engine’s lifespan to decline. So, you have to get your oil changed a lot as a cleaner so that you can stay on the road cleaning!


When you’re going to all these client appointments, you put a lot of miles on your car. And especially as a small business, you can’t afford to get a new car if your engine fails. So, you have to make sure you keep it lubricated by changing the oil often. This is where a company like Snappy Lube comes in. They keep your car in tip-top shape so that you don’t ever have to worry about breaking down and missing an appointment.

Save on Car Oil Changes and Service With Savvy Perks

As a house cleaner getting oil changes will be a normal thing for you, and servicing your car is very important. However, because of how often you have to do it, it can get super expensive to keep your car running. 


But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you use your Savvy Perks to get your oil changed and your car serviced at Snappy Lube, you can save a ton of money! Now you don’t have to break the bank in order to keep your car running!