Shopko Optical

Shopko Optical is an eye care and vision center that has partnered with Savvy Perks to make sure cleaners get the best price on eye care!

Being able to see is an essential part of being a cleaner. It’s not only hazardous to your business because missing spots can get you fired and lose clients, but it’s hazardous to your health. If you trip and fall over something you can’t see and then injure yourself, you can’t clean, and then you can’t make money.

Shopko Optical Glasses and Contacts

Get Your Eyes Tested and Taken Care of at Shopko Optical

Taking care of your eyes is important because everyone has different levels of sight. If you’re struggling to see, it can be detrimental to not only your health but also your business. Getting your eyes tested is a good way to find out if you need glasses or contacts.

Luckily, at Shopko Optical, you can get your eyes tested to find your prescription, and they can give it to you as well! They have contact lenses and glasses so that you can make sure you can see at all times.

This way you’re avoiding any mistakes at work that can come from blurry vision, as well as dangers that come up in everyday life when you can’t see well. Plus, you can save a ton of money on a visit as well! Here’s how…

Save on Eye Care and Eye Exams at Shopko Optical With Your Savvy Perks!

Shopko Optical has partnered up with Savvy Perks because they know how important sight is to be a cleaner. You have to be moving around a lot, and also driving a lot, meaning that seeing is imperative. Due to their partnership, you can use your Savvy Perks at Shopko Optical to get special deals on eye exams, contact lenses, and glasses frames!

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