Planet Beach

Planet Beach is a spa and wellness center that offers a ton of services that you can save on with your Savvy Perks! Looking good and feeling good is a huge part of house cleaning. You have to be able to do your best work, and going for a spa day can be the way that you make sure you do that!  

Spa Days Can Be a Great Way for House Cleaners to Clear Your Mind

House cleaners can ofter suffer from burnout. If you spend up to 40 hours a week doing anything, it’s likely that you will experience some burnout. Especially if you’re going home and having to clean your own home.

When you’re suffering from cleaning burnout and on the verge of emotional collapse, a spa day can be perfect to get you back in the groove. You can get a massage or a facial. They also have a ton of different therapies to help your body. 

You can have a teeth whitening, tanning, or oxygen and red light therapy. Each with the goal of getting you back into the work groove by making you feel great!

If you would rather do something active, then they offer Hotworx yoga, a new type of yoga that uses the benefits of infrared light and yoga. Or they have a guided meditation service as well. Everything is in the spirit of keeping your mind and body intact!

Save on Spa Days and Team Building With Savvy Perks!

Planet Beach is not only good for your own mind and body, but it can also be great for team building. You can take your coworkers or employees out for a day or relaxation to get your minds and bodies ready for another week of work! 

The best part of a day out with your team at Planet Beach is you can save a ton of money. When you use your Savvy Perks membership, you can save tons of money on a relaxing spa day! Use the deal as many times as you need. So, whenever you’re feeling burnt out, you can save money and get back in the groove at Planet Beach.