is a great way for house cleaners to avoid glasses on the job and save money with Savvy Perks! Being able to see well is an important part of being a house cleaner. So, if your vision isn’t amazing, you might want to consider getting contacts. Blurry Vision

Not Being Able to See is Dangerous for House Cleaners

As a house cleaner, you don’t want to miss any dirty spots. This can lead to bad reviews and losing customers, which means losing money. 

So, if you get your vision tested at the doctor or the optometrist and it’s not good, you have to take that seriously. Especially as you grow older, sometimes your vision starts to slip. 

It’s also a safety hazard, as a lot of customers have a lot of stuff everywhere. You could trip and hurt yourself, or break something expensive. Cleaner With Glasses

Glasses Aren’t an Amazing Choice for House Cleaning

If you do get tested and your vision is bad, your first instinct may be to get some glasses. And you should, for your home. 

But, for house cleaning, you’re not going to want to be carrying around glasses with you all day. You could leave them at a client’s house, or drop them while you’re moving around and step on them. 

At you can find great contact lenses from all the best brands to fit your specific vision needs!

Save on Contacts With Savvy Perks and already has some of the top brands for great prices. But now they’ve gone a step further and partnered with Savvy Perks!

When you pair the two together you can save a ton of money on contact lenses whenever you need them! If you wear them every day, then you’re going to have to order more a lot. This way you can save money whenever you need more contacts. 

With Savvy Perks and, you can not only save yourself from bad vision problems, but you can also save money!

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