Curves is a strength and conditioning program that helps cleaners keep their bodies in shape and saves them money!  Saving money and time are both very important for house cleaners, but bodily health is also very important. This is why you should always try to find time to exercise when you’re not working, because it will help you stay in business longer.  
Curves Cleaner in Pain

House Cleaners Have to Stay in Shape for Their Work

As a house cleaner, you need to stay fit physically in order to properly do your job. This is because house cleaning is a very physically demanding job. You’re constantly moving around, bending over to pick things up, reaching to dust something, or lugging around heavy equipment. Not to mention the long work days. 

Because of all these factors, your body takes a beating over the course of a full workweek. So, keeping your body healthy is paramount to having a long and successful house cleaning career. You can’t keep going house to house, day to day, week to week if you don’t take care of your body!

This is why a company like Curves is amazing for house cleaners! Their mix of cardio and strength training will help you stay in shape so you can clean for longer without risking injury or feeling bad!

Save on Curves Training With Savvy Perks!

Training with Curves will not only help your physical health, it will also help you mentally! Exercising is great for relieving the stress of work and helping your body recover from your long workdays. 

But another way that Curves helps your mental health is by saving you money! They have partnered with Savvy Perks to save house cleaners like you a ton of money on their workouts! You can do them from home, or from their live sessions at different locations. But wherever you do it, it’s a great workout for your mind and body that’s over in 30 minutes!

With Curves and Savvy Perks you can save money while bettering your mind and body to prepare for work!

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