Cookies By Design

Cookies By Design is a great way for cleaners to give a sweet gift to their loved ones while saving money with Savvy Perks! Finding something to give to your loved ones and friends for all of the special occasions throughout the year can be tough, but everyone has a sweet tooth, and now you can customize a cookie bouquet for anyone’s personality!  
Cookies By Design Man Eating Cookie

Create a Cookie Bouquet Perfect for Anyone’s Tastes

A lot of times it can be tough when you have to find a bunch of gifts for your friends and family. There are just so many special occasions that you have to find gifts for! Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a new baby, graduation, or all of the other holidays, there are plenty of opportunities for gift-giving throughout the year.

It can be hard to personalize a gift for all of those people and all of those occasions. However, with Cookies By Design, it’s super easy! They have been creating cookie bouquets personalized to your taste and the tastes of your loved ones for over 25 years. Now you can find something that is perfect for anyone you want to give a gift to, no matter what the occasion is! 

They have specialized bouquets and cookies for a ton of occasions, or you can create your own and personalize it for the recipient. But, that’s not even the best part!

Save a Ton on Cookies By Design Bouquets With Your Savvy Perks

The hand decorated and beautiful cookie bouquets that Cookies By Design offers are perfect for you if you’re looking for gifts, no matter the occasion. They are also hand delivered quickly so if it’s last minute you can still get your gift where it needs to go! 

But, they have gone a step further for their customers by partnering up with Savvy Perks to bring savings on all of their cookies. So, not only can you get personalized gifts for your friends and family, but you can also save a ton of money while you do it!

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