Cinemark is a movie theatre chain that is awesome for a night out with family or friends. And they have now partnered with Savvy Perks to save you money as well! The movies are just starting to open back up again, and now you can go to a Cinemark near you and have a fun and safe night out!  
Cinemark Movie Theatre

Movies are Just Now Starting to Come Back Out

Most movie theatres haven’t been open since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic. But now as everything starts to reopen, the movies are too, depending on where you live.

Some of the movies that were slated to come out earlier in the year are coming to theatres now. But theatres are also showing older movies, including classics and also themed movies for holidays! Especially now, in Halloween season, many theatres are playing Halloween movies. 

As we all try to get back to normal after such a unique year, in 2021 and beyond, the movies will still be there to provide a family-friendly night of entertainment. Movies will be coming out again soon, and you can buy the tickets online for Cinemark!

Save on Movie Tickets With Savvy Perks

Movie theatres are infamous for being pretty expensive, but not when you use your Savvy Perks! Cinemark has partnered with Savvy Perks to Save you a ton of money on movie tickets.

As new movies start to come out, or if you want to go rewatch a classic in a theatre setting, the movies are going to be back to normal soon! And you can save money on any tickets that you want to get.

Go as many times as you want, and save a ton of money with Savvy Perks and Cinemark!

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