Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great place for cleaners to come together with friends or family and have a great meal while saving money! Their new partnership with Savvy Perks lets cleaners save a ton of money when you go out to eat, or order takeout from B Dubs! Now you can even bring home the fun with you! Everyone knows the experience that eating at a B Dubs brings, but now you can bring some of that magic home!  
Buffalo Wild Wings Friends Eating

Buffalo Wild Wings is a Great Place to Go Out With Friends and Family

House cleaners work a lot, and a lot of times this means their eating habits get thrown off during the week.  A lot of times cleaners miss out on lunch, so they end up eating an early dinner and skipping breakfast or lunch the next day. 

What better to get back on schedule than a night out with friends or family at B Dubs! They pride themselves on offering the best eating experience out there. You can go, bring your closest friends or your family, maybe even your coworkers and have a blast!

Buffalo Wild Wings brings great wings, big screens with the big game going on, and interactive games with a fun staff to make your experience as enjoyable as can be! Plus, even if you’re not a wing person, there are a ton of options to eat for anyone!

Save on Eating Out or Takeout With Your Savvy Perks

The state of the world right now with the COVID-19 virus means that eating out in a restaurant isn’t the best idea for everyone. But, even if you can’t go out to B Dubs, you can still enjoy the great food at home!

They offer their great meal options for takeout and contactless delivery as well. So, instead of going out, you can have a great night at home with friends and family, and save money! 

Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered up with Savvy Perks so that cleaners can save a ton of money on their meals. Whether you want to eat at the restaurant or at home, you can save and have a great meal while you do it!

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