Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is a new online learning academy for kids ages 8-13, and now you can save when you use your Savvy Perks to send your kids there! The same people who created, have created Adventure Academy for older kids to continue developing their minds!  
Adventure Academy, Online Learning

Online Learning is the Future for Kids

2020 has been a huge change in learning for kids. Online learning is the main way that most people are learning right now because of COVID-19 concerns. This isn’t a normal year, but it could become the new normal in the future. 

A lot of colleges have gone fully online already, but there may be a movement post-COVID that allows younger kids to learn online as well. But, if you want your kids to be prepared and build good home study skills, then you can use Adventure Academy. 

They provide extra learning for kids from ages 8-13 and it can be a continuation of their Abcmouse learning. So, they can continue to develop their minds on top of their school!

Adventure Academy, Girl With Headphones

Adventure Academy Makes Learning Fun 

For many parents, it’s hard to get their kids from 8-13 to stay motivated to learn. But, with Adventure Academy, they have mixed gaming and learning. Every school subject is covered, like English, math, science, and social studies. 

Your kids can create their own characters, homes, and even play with their friends while they learn! And it’s available on most platforms so that they can play and learn no matter where they are. This is great if you have other kids and you’re always out, you can keep your younger kids learning on the go!

Save on Adventure Academy When You Use Savvy Perks

Paying for more school for your kids can be a hard sell for many parents, but in the long run, an online academy will be a great competitive advantage for them as they get older.

And, now you can save a ton of money every year that you put your kid in Adventure Academy. With Savvy Perks, you can save on your subscription, and build your child’s study skills.

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