Zebit is a great company that cleaners can use to pay over time on everyday items without affecting their credit, and while saving money! Paying over time rather than making big purchases all at once is a good way for cleaners to make sure their finances are stable, and they can splurge a little without making any big sacrifices on things that are necessary.  

House Cleaners Can’t Always Afford to Make Huge Purchases

Making a big purchase for yourself, or even just buying a big gift for a family member can be super stressful for cleaners. Especially after 2020 when a lot of house cleaners missed out on a ton of work. 

But with Zebit, it doesn’t have to be such a strain on your bank account when you have something big you want to buy. They have a ton of different products that you would find at other retailers, but their flexible payment means that you don’t have to take a huge chunk out of your bank account all at once.

For instance, you can find a new laptop for you or maybe your kids, or a new couch or tv for your house. But, you don’t pay for it all at once. You can pay over time. And the best part is it won’t affect your credit, and you don’t have to open a new credit card either!

Save On Products at Zebit With Savvy Perks

Zebit is a company that is built to save cleaners and small business owners from stressing over making big purchases. They do this with their payment plans that allow you to spend over time. But they also have partnered with Savvy Perks so that you can save even more money!

With Savvy Perks and Zebit, you can save a ton of money on bigger purchases while paying for them over time, rather than all at once. So, if you need or want to make a bigger purchase, say a tv or a new piece of furniture, even something for business, you don’t have to worry about your bank account taking a big hit.