Yard House

Yard House is a restaurant that house cleaners can use for a great meal out with friends or family and to save money! A hard part of this COVID pandemic has been people not being able to go out with friends to restaurants.  
Yard House Family at Restaurant

House Cleaners Need a Night Out With Friends

During the at home orders that everyone went through in 2020, people didn’t get to go out to dinner with their friends or their families. House cleaners sometimes need a night out on the town to get out all their stories from work, or just to forget about work for a little bit of time!

As restaurants begin to open up, safely of course, there are a ton of choices for cleaners to go out and try. They can go out with their spouse for date night, take the kids to avoid cooking for the night, or go out with friends to catch up. We all need a good catch up now, especially since we have all been home for so long!

Yard House is perfect for any occasion, they have a great menu with a bunch of options for both kids and adults, and they have music! House cleaners can even go out with their employees or their coworkers for team building! Whether it’s lunch or dinner, cleaners can have a good time at Yard House!

Save Money at Yard House with Savvy Perks

Yard House is also partnered with your Savvy Perks, so you can save money on meals as well! Eating out can be expensive, and Savvy Perks knows this, so now that restaurants are opening up again, you can find a great deal! 

And if you don’t want to risk the virus but still want the great tasting food from Yard House, you can order online and get contactless pickup! 

Going out for dinner is a fun time for all, whether it’s a group of friends or coworkers or a family, anyone can have a great time! And now you can save a ton of money as well!