Windshield Guru

Windshield Guru is here to help cleaners avoid looking bad and being unsafe while saving money with Savvy Perks! Driving around for work as a cleaner can be a big risk, not only to you but to your business, so it’s nice to know that you’re covered in case there is an accident.  
Windshield Guru Cracked Windshield

Help Keep You, Your Business, and Your Car Safe

Driving around a lot is a huge business expense, because you have to pay for gas, and car insurance, and a ton of other things right? But, it can also be a risk. If you get into a wreck, you could get hurt, and that’s your income! You can’t clean if you’re hurt. 

Even if you aren’t hurt, having a car that is bumped and bruised and cracked can send a very bad first impression to clients. So, your car is actually very important in the house cleaning business. 

If you do get chips and cracks in your windshield while driving, it not only creates a bad look for your business, it’s also dangerous. You might not be able to see something, or the crack could spread and become an even bigger issue.

Save on Windshield Repair and Services With Savvy Perks

Windshield Guru is a company that allows cleaners to avoid some of the stress and risks of driving all over town to your different appointments. No matter what happens to your windshield, you can be sure that it will be okay when you use their services.

They offer windshield repair and replacement, depending on how bad the damage is to your windshield. Either way, you can trust their professionals to make your car look as good as new!

Windshield Guru is also a company that helps cleaners save money too! This is because they have partnered with Savvy Perks. Together Windshield Guru and Savvy Perks will help you save money while you worry less about injuries and appearances to customers!

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