Vivint is a smart home technology company that has partnered up with Savvy Perks so that you can make your home smart and save money!

With their technologies, you can utilize and connect any smart home devices you already have, while adding in their products to create a seamless experience. This network of devices can help protect both you and your home, control the temperature, lighting, and much much more!

Vivint Smart Home Tablet

Vivint Can Turn Any Home Into a Smart Home!

Smart homes are the future, and in a lot of ways, they’re here now. However, it can be confusing to jump into this new world of home security, air conditioning control, lights, and home assistants. Vivint is a company that is here to make your life even easier by connecting all of your smart home devices and allowing them to work together seamlessly!

With their touch screen panel, your home can be entirely connected and it makes it simple for you to control everything, no matter where you are. Now you can save a ton of time and stress when you use Vivint’s products to simplify your life!

But that’s not all you can save, you can also save a ton of money on their products as well! Here’s how you do it…

Save on Vivint Smart Home Products With Your Savvy Perks

Having a smart home might seem like a dream, but it is actually pretty easy to achieve, and with Vivint, it’s even easier! They have partnered up with Savvy Perks to make sure that anyone can afford a smart home! Now you can get their products at a discounted price, and create a seamless network of smart devices in your own home!

Their goal is to enhance and simplify your life so you can track and control your homes’ lighting, air conditioning, and much more wherever you are!

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