Top Golf

Top Golf is a golfing entertainment chain around the United States. Which you can now save on with your Savvy Perks! Top Golf is great to relax, but it can also be great for team building. So, as they start to open back up again, and as you start seeing your co-workers or employees, you can bring everyone to Top Golf!  
Top Golf, Man Playing

Top Golf is a Great Way to Team Build With Employees or Co-Workers

When you haven’t seen your employees or your co-workers for months during quarantine, it’s hard to get back in the groove of working together again. 

Top Golf is an amazing way to build that team chemistry again. It’s a fun competitive game that’s easy to play and understand. Now, they are opening up all around the country again. And while you might have to wear a mask when you’re there, you can still enjoy the food and drinks just like normal. 

If your team is in a bit of a funk coming out of quarantine and you all need a little pick-me-up to get back in the groove, take them out for a fun night playing a golf game!

Save Money on a Fun Night Out With Family or Your Team

Your family has also been stuck at home for a while, so they also might want a night out to have fun. Top Golf is also great for birthdays and other special events! Take a night out with your family to play some golf in a safe environment. 

They have taken all of the necessary precautions to make sure that the risk of you contracting the virus is lowered. 

So if you want a fun night out, whether, with family or your co-workers, you can save with your Savvy Perks! And you can use the deal over and over!

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