The Children’s Courtyard

The Children’s Courtyard is a private preschool aimed at helping your kids succeed while saving you money with Savvy Perks! 

Helping your kids get a head start in school and put them on the path to success in school is the main goal of any preschool, but Children’s Courtyard goes a step further! They seek to find the most effective learning path for each child so that they are best prepared for the path that is in front of them.

The Children's Courtyard Preschool Kid

Set Your Kids Up For Success With the Right Preschool!

Knowing what to do with your young kids before they start school can be a tough question for new parents. This is especially hard for house cleaners and small business owners who spend a lot of time away from their little ones and don’t have the time to teach them certain things.

So, preschool is an amazing way for your kids to be taken care of during the workday, while also learning and building a foundation for their success in school! That way, you get the benefits of daycare, while also helping your kids get ahead!

At The Children’s Courtyard, they help all types of kids learn, from infant and toddler age to kindergarten-aged kids. They also help curate a student-specific plan to help kids get the type of learning that best suits them, even at a young age.

Save on The Children’s Courtyard Tuition With Savvy Perks

Paying for private preschool for your kids can get expensive, especially as your family starts to grow in size. However, it doesn’t have to kill your bank account! With The Children’s Courtyard, they have partnered up with Savvy Perks to save a ton of money on tuition.

Now your kids can be taken care of while you clean houses during the day, all while building a proper foundation for their success in school. Plus, you can save money on tuition when you use your Savvy Perks membership!

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