Belkin Featured Image


Belkin is electronic and accessory company that cleaners can use alongside their phones, plus you can now save money with your Savvy Perks!

Microsoft Store Featured Image

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is the place to get all of the electronics you need for yourself and others while saving a ton of money with Savvy Perks!

HP Store, Featured Image

HP Store

The HP Store is a shop for technology that you can use for your house cleaning business, and now you can save on tech when you shop with your Savvy Perks!

Dell, Featured Image


Dell is a computer giant that has everything a small business owner could ask for; now at a lower price thanks to your Savvy Perks!

Apple, Featured Image


Apple is a titan in the tech industry with premium products for anyone. But now, you can save tons of money with your Savvy Perks!

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