Online Shopping Featured Image is the best place to get new appliances, furniture, electronics, and more all from name brands and save with Savvy Perks!

FarmFoods Featured Image


FarmFoods is an online meat delivery company that cleaners can save a ton of money on when they use their Savvy Perks membership!

JCPenney, Featured Image


JCPenney is a clothing and home goods store that provides customers with great deals, and now you save more with your Savvy Perks!

Target, Featured Image


Target is a big-box retailer that focuses on quality and affordability. Plus, now you can save even more money when you shop online with your Savvy Perks!

Kohl's, Featured Image


Kohl’s is an apparel and home goods store that offers deep discounts on tons of your favorite brands! And even better is you can use your Savvy Perks to get 15% off when you order $100 or more on

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