Athletic Apparel

Fabletics Featured Image


Fabletics is a premium athletic apparel for men and women that cleaners can wear for work, exercise, and leisure while saving with Savvy Perks! 

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Athleta is a brand of athletic apparel that is a great option for house cleaners to wear for work, exercise, or leisure, and to save with Savvy Perks!

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Adidas is an athletic apparel company that is great for house cleaners, whether it’s work or exercise you can save with Savvy Perks!

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Dunham’s Sports

Dunham’s Sports is a great place for cleaners to get athletic gear, sporting goods, shoes, and more at low prices with their Savvy Perks!

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Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a sporting retail store where you can save on everything you need when you shop using Savvy Perks!