Skechers Direct

Skechers Direct is a store chain by Skechers whose main focus is to keep your feet comfortable and save you money. But you can now save even more when you buy with your Savvy Perks! Every house cleaner wants to get through the day without pain in their feet. And every house cleaner knows the pain of wearing the wrong shoes on your feet while you clean for hours on end.  
Skechers Direct House Cleaner in Pain

House Cleaners Need a Good Pair of Shoes to Stay Comfortable

A great pair of shoes is any house cleaners best friend. You’re always on your feet as a cleaner, so you need a pair of shoes that can handle the intense hours. The wrong pair of shoes can be a terrible thing for house cleaners, especially because of how important your bodily health is.

Bad shoes can lead to back problems, foot pain, and muscle aching. When you’re on your feet for hours on end every single day, it exacerbates the need for a good pair of shoes. 

When you feel comfortable and light on your feet, it also helps you clean better. You’re going to really feel it throughout the day if your shoes are uncomfortable, or they’re too heavy.

Skechers Brings the Best of Both Worlds With Their Shoes

Skechers is focused on keeping you comfortable, no matter what you’re doing. They have super soft foam that is durable to make you feel like you’re walking on air for a long time. This is especially great for cleaners, who use their cleaning shoes every day.

They also have a ton of options, so no matter your style you can find something that fits you. Skechers also has shoes for regular life, if you would like to keep your cleaning shoes and your regular sneakers separate.

Save Money on Shoes With Skechers and Savvy Perks

Skechers is a great way to protect your feet while you’re on the job. But, when you shop through your Savvy Perks, you can also protect your wallet!

You can save a ton of money when you shop Skechers Direct through your Savvy Perks membership. So, whenever you need a new pair of shoes for cleaning or life, you can find them at Skechers Direct and save money!

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