Sherwin-Williams is a painting company that offers all the most quality paint that you can ask for; now with an added discount from Savvy Perks!

Whether it’s for your home or your business, you want paint you can trust to last and to look good. When you paint with Sherwin-Williams, you can trust that your paint is made to last and that it will be high quality, good looking paint!

Sherwin Williams, Woman Painting

House Cleaners Can Make Extra Money Painting for Customers

A lot of house cleaners are skilled in tons of different things. And usually, you can upsell your skills when you’re looking for extra work.

Whether they need the inside or the outside of their house painted, you can upsell that skill. If you are prepared with supplies and skills of course. But, to do this, your customers might ask you to buy the paint as a part of your price. 

So, in that case, you can save even more money when you purchase through your Savvy Perks and maximize your profits.

They also have painting supplies, such as wallpaper, wood stains, rollers, and anything you need to paint.

Sherwin-Williams, Paint Colors

Get Everything You Need to Paint Your Home at Sherwin-Williams

Even if you’re not looking to upsell your skills to customers, and you just want to paint your house or even just a room in your home.

You can get high-quality paint in almost any color you can think of, as well as all the supplies you need to make sure you do a great job.

They have tape, protective sheeting, brushes, primer, and anything else you need. You can even stain the exterior of your house or your back deck if you like.

And on their website, they also have project and painting guidance to make sure you’re prepared and ready to make your house look beautiful!

Save Money on Paint and Supplies With Your Savvy Perks

Whether you’re painting as a part of your business with customers homes or you just want to paint your bedroom, you can now save money on any Sherwin-Williams’ products when you order online with your Savvy Perks.

Make your house look amazing with a ton of colors and supplies all at a discounted price from your Savvy Perks!