Save on Glasses for the Entire Family With Your Savvy Perks

Glasses are Helpful in Keeping Cleaners Safe While Working is a great place for house cleaners to get glasses for them or their families and get a great deal too through Savvy Perks!

House cleaning safety is not something a lot of cleaners think about when they’re getting into the business. Safety is actually a big deal on the job, and some people think, how dangerous can house cleaning be?

Well, house cleaning can be dangerous, and the risks only multiply if you need glasses and don’t have them. Not being able to see clearly is a big risk for cleaners. And not only to their bodily health, but to their business’ health. is here to save you money. Now you can find a pair of glasses for a great deal to match your prescription, so that you can stay safe on the job. Cleaner With Glasses

Stay Strong and in Shape with Curves

Save on Curves Training With Savvy Perks

House cleaning is a very physically demanding job. It’s very important for any house cleaners to always try to find time to exercise. Now, Savvy Perks partnered up with Curves to help you in membership savings.

Curves is a strength and conditioning program that helps to keep house cleaners physically and mentally strong in order to stay healthy, strong and last longer in business.

Exercise is an excellent way to relieve and helps your body to recover from your long workdays. Curves also make it easier for you to excercise either from your home or from their live sessions at different locations.

With Curves and Savvy Perks you can save money while bettering your mind and body to prepare for work!

Objective Wellness Healthy House Cleaner

Swiss Diamond - Quality Pots and Pans for Your Kitchen

Upgrade Your Cookware Today!

Swiss Diamond is a non-stick cookware company that house cleaners can use their Savvy Perks to purchase at a cheaper price.

Cooking meals and cleaning afterward can be a hassle especially after a long day of cleaning houses for your clients. Hence, having good quality cookware is super important for your kitchen and Non-Stick cookware makes this process a lot easier. Not to mention the feeling you get when you have good-looking kitchenware in your kitchen!

To accomplish this, Swiss Diamond has now partnered with Savvy Perks to save you money when you buy any of their cookware sets!

Their quality cooking sets will make it easier for you to cook. You can do your day of meal prep with less cleaning, and you’ll feel much better about coming home from work and making dinner! Your mouth, your family, and your wallet will thank you.

Swiss Diamond Featured Image

Get Membership Pricing on All Dell's Product with Savvy Perks

Dell Has Computers for Anyone

Dell is a company that is known for their high-quality technology. And now you can get membership pricing at Dell with Savvy Perks. It has everything a small business owner could ask for; especially that the online aspect of business has become more important than ever.

Small business owners like house cleaners have to do a lot of the groundwork. The business owner has to create the brand image, they have to handle the marketing, and they have to create the website.
A powerful and fast computer can helps you get your business up and running to the best of their abilities and help the business grow.

When you shop at Dell, you can shop with certainty that your product will perform to the highest standards and last a long long time. And to get a better pricing, all you need to do is sign up for Savvy Perks, then you can get savings on any products at Dell!

Dell, Computers

Save Money on Sherwin-Williams Paints and Supplies

House Cleaners Can Make Extra Money Painting for Customers

Sherwin-Williams is a painting company that offers quality paint that you can ask for; especially with an added discount from Savvy Perks!

Whether it’s for your home or your business, you can trust that Sherwin-Williams paints are good looking, high-quality and made to last. You can get almost any color you can think of, as well as all the supplies you need for a paint job.

Most house cleaners are skilled painter as well. You can upsell your skills when you’re looking for extra work. And you can save money when you purchase Sherwin Williams’ products through your Savvy Perks and maximize your profits.

Whether you’re painting as a part of your business with clients homes or you just want to paint your own home, you can now save money on any Sherwin-Williams’ products when you use your Savvy Perks.

Five Star Painting Featured Image

You Can Find Shoes For Your Whole Family at Off Broadway Shoes

Shoes are the “Sole” of a House Cleaners

Off Broadway Shoes is a affordable place to get shoes for the whole family! And now you can save money when you shop through your Savvy Perks membership!  You can find shoes for yourself, your kids, or anyone who needs them.

All house cleaners need a pair of comfortable and sturdy shoes. No house cleaner wants to feel pain in their feet after a long day of work. Off Broadway Shoes has tons of options you can choose from.

Off Broadway is the one-stop-shop for shoes for the whole family for any occasion. They have partnered with Savvy Perks to save you more money on any shoes that you need!

And you can use this deal over and over again whenever you needed a new pair of shoes. Just make sure you make use yor Savvy Perks for extra savings.

Off Broadway Shoes, House Cleaners Shoes

Kohl's and Savvy Perks are Designed to Save You Money

Online Shopping at Kohl’s is Super Convenient

Kohl’s is an apparel and home goods store that offers discounts on tons of your favorite brands! They also have a program called Kohl’s Cash where members get cash back on every purchase to use at Kohl’s the next time.

As a house cleaner, you can shop at Kohl’s for any of your needs. Whether it’s back to school shopping for kids, for the home, or even your cleaning business, you’ll be able to find it at a great price at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s main focus is making a customer’s life more convenient. They have created a super easy to use online store where you can access all the deals as if you were in person. Instead of searching around aisles aimlessly for hours, everything is searchable, and it is added to your cart with the push of a button.

So throughout the year whenever you need anything, pull out your Savvy Perks and head to!

Kohl's, Storefront

T-Mobile Has Plan For Any Type of Consumer

Bad Wireless Service Can Ruin Client Relationships

T-Mobile is a wireless carrier that offers super-fast speeds all over the U.S. A reliable service provider is very important for a business owner. So, it’s imperative that you can count on your cell service to keep you plugged in with clients and employees.

T-Mobile has tons of plans available, tailored to your needs. You can have an unlimited plan for your one line, or you can have a family plan with multiple lines for you and your family.

If you’re driving all-around to your client’s homes, you need to be able to stay connected in case you’re running late or any unforseen circumstances. With a reliable network like T-Mobile, you can keep connected to your customer or your employees, which is very important in house cleaning business.

T-Mobile already has tons of deals, and now you can get extra savings with Savvy Perks. Whoot whoot!!

T-Mobile, Featured Image
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