Old Navy offer Great Fashion at Great Price

Comfortable Clothing for Yourself and Family

Old Navy is a great place to shop for clothing while saving money with your Savvy Perks! Having comfortable clothing is very important for cleaner, and Old Navy provides a ton of amazing options.

At Old Navy, they have clothes that are comfortable, and stylish for day to day use or for your cleaning business. Whether it’s for back to school, a special event, or holidays, you can find whatever your family needs.

They are also always having a ton of sales and great deals so that you’re always saving money. However, Savvy Perks is here to make it even easier for you to save money on clothes for the whole family at Old Navy.

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Here, Have Some Chocolate

Save on Rocky Mountain Chocolate With Your Savvy Perks

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a nice place for a treat for any house cleaners. The factory produces approximately 300 chocolate candies and other confectionery products. Individual stores prepare a variety of caramel and candy apples, fudge, chocolate items.

It a superb way to treat yourself, your whole family or as a gift to your client. Plan a short trip with the family or a date night or weekend romantic trip to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Just to enjoy and relax with your loved one and chocolate of course.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a great place to visit. No matter what’s your plan, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Everyone needs a little chocolate in their life, and with great savings thru Savvy Perks.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolates

Breakfast at IHOP Before the First Cleaning Job of the Day

Save Money at IHOP With Savvy Perks

IHOP is a great all day breakfast restaurant for cleaners to get an excellent meal. Be it in the morning, afternoon, or evening!

From pancake, waffle, omelette, crepe, or to something a little heavier like burrito, melts or burgers. You won’t be dissapointed and it’s a great way to start the day before the first cleaning job. And now you can save money too because of their partnership with Savvy Perks! .

Also as a house cleaner, finding time for family can be tough, so in the weekend, having a breakfast anytime meal with the family is a great way to bond and spend time together. Not to mention, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner! And of course more savings with Savvy Perks.

IHOP Coffee

Applebee's the Neighborhood Grill + Bar

Save Money on Applebee’s With Savvy Perks

Applebee’s is a grill and bar chain that offers great food at an affordable price. They prides themselves on offering food for everybody. From burgers, fries, drinks, to steaks. Or fresh, light salads, and other healthier options! No matter what kind of food you like, you can get it on their menu.

As a business owner, you can use gift cards as an incentive for your employee, for their birthday or as a holiday gift. They also do catering. You can use your Savvy Perks to save money on meals, catering and gift card.

You can get your AppleBee’s Favorites To Go! Delicious dinner delivery from their grill to your couch! Be fancy like Applebee’s and save more with Savvy Perks.

Savvy Savings Applebees

Treat Yourself or Employee with Some Cheryl's Cookies

Great Gift Idea to Your Client

Cheryl’s gourmet cookies are amazing for cleaners to treat themselves, their friends, and their family or even their clients. Now that they have partnered with Savvy Perks, you can save some extra money on a gift basket for anyone.

Cheryl’s Cookies offer a huge variety of gift baskets and gourmet cookies so that you can personalize your gift for any occasion. They have pre-set baskets, or you can make your own with their huge selection of delicious cookies!

You can even treat yourself after a long week of house cleaning, a sweet treat is always a great idea for any house cleaners! Cookies make everything better. Have it with a cup of tea or coffee, or just by itself when you just want to sit back and relax.

And now you can buy more and save more with your Savvy Perks.

Savvy Savings Gourmet Cookies in a basket

Cookies In the Morning, Cookies Late at Night, Cookies All Day!

Save on Cookies By Design Bouquets With Your Savvy Perks

Cookies By Design is another great way for cleaners to give a sweet gift to their loved ones, friends, clients or just to yourself for any occassion throughout the year while save some money with Savvy Perks!

Everyone has a sweet tooth! Cookies By Design make it super easy to create a personalized cookie bouquet for anyone’s personality to your taste and liking for over 25 years. You can find something that is perfect for anyone you want, no matter what the occasion! You will feel joy, love, and you remember the people special to you when you think of cookies.

Cookie By Designs – hand crafted and decorated for your beautiful cookie bouquets that are perfect for any occasion. They are also hand delivered quickly so if it’s last minute you can still get your gift where it needs to go!

And, they have gone a step further for their customers by partnering up with Savvy Perks to bring you extra savings on all of their cookies.

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House Cleaners Need Quick Healthy Meals for Work

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a Great Restaurant for Cleaners

A great restaurant for cleaners to go for a quick meal while on the go while saving money with Savvy Perks!  Cleaners need a quick meals and sub sandwiches are perfect for that! While you’re out cleaning all day, it’s an amazing way to stay healthy and energized! 

When you go to Jersey Mike’s Subs for your meal time, you can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent trying to scrape together a meal that will last you during your day of cleaning jobs.

Jersey Mike’s has partnered with Savvy Perks, you can now save money on subs whenever you want one! No matter if you need a quick meal between jobs, a meal after work, or a meal for the whole family, Jersey Mike’s Subs is a great option!


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House Cleaners Need A Great Bags for Work and Travel

Save Money with eBags on Backpacks and Luggage with Savvy Perks

eBags is a company that sells a ton of different bags and luggages on a discounted price. As a house cleaner, you need a great bag whether it’s for work, or a getaway, and eBags.com is a great place to get a good quality and durable bag for all your need.

As a house cleaner, you need to keep all of your supplies and personal things organized all day while you’re out cleaning. You can find all kind of options on eBags to keep all of your things neatly and organized whether it’s for work or vacation!

No matter the type of bag you prefer, or how long your trip is, you bet you can find the perfect bag on eBags.

And now with ebags’ partnership with Savvy Perks, you can save even more.

ebags Woman With Backpack
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