Savvy Savings

Happy Friday, Savvy Savers! This Savvy Savings 9-2-2022 shows how you can access these savvy savings with your Savvy Perks.

Spend Less for Spa Day

Every house cleaner deserves a little rest and relaxation. Get discounts on your next trip to the spa with Savvy Perks.

700,000 Services

Get employee pricing on 700,000 services and stores and save on all your favorite accessories. Sign up with Savvy Perks for discounts – you’ll make your annual subscription back in the money you save.

Save on Your Home Gym

Keep up your mobility and strength by purchasing easy-to-use gym equipment you can store at home. Save when you use Savvy Perks.

Skincare Savings for You

Pamper yourself with some extra skincare products! Build your routine while saving money with Savvy Perks.

Get Discounts on Your Next Cut

Haircuts and treatments don’t have to be expensive. Sign up with Savvy Perks to save on the best hair of your life.

Never Pay Full Price for Nails Again

Your nails can get worn down from cleaning chemicals and chores. Give them a little life with a trip to the nail salon – and save money when you sign up with Savvy Perks.

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