Savvy Savings

Happy Friday, Savvy Savers! This Savvy Savings 11-18-2022 shows how you can access these savvy savings with your Savvy Perks.

Save on Skiing

It’s already started snowing in some places – time to get out the skis! With Savvy Perks you can get discounts at the major slopes.

700,000 Services

Get employee pricing on 700,000 services and stores and save on all your winter-related needs. Sign up with Savvy Perks for discounts – you’ll make your annual subscription back in the money you save.

Cut the Cost of Coffee

Do you love hot chocolate? You’ll love it even more when you sign up with Savvy Perks to get savings on all your future purchases.

Take A Hike

Marvel at the beauty of nature and take a hiking trip this fall. Even better – save on all the gear you’ll need when you sign up with Savvy Perks.

Cut Down Grocery Expenses

Holiday season means more meal prep – and more groceries. Save this season with Savvy Perks.

Get a Bargain on Books

Chilly weather is the perfect excuse to stay in. Grab a new novel and curl up at home when you save with Savvy Perks.

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