Savvy Savings

Happy Friday, Savvy Savers! This Savvy Savings 10-21-2022 shows how you can access these savvy savings with your Savvy Perks.

Business Cards and Big Savings

Business cards can help get your name and company out there while raising your professionalism. Save on your first batch with Savvy Perks.

700,000 Services

Get employee pricing on 700,000 services and stores and save on all your business-related needs. Sign up with Savvy Perks for discounts – you’ll make your annual subscription back in the money you save.

Save Money on Mail

Savvy Perks will save you money on all your mailing needs whether it’s for your business or personal packages.

Trouble With Taxes?

Save money while doing your taxes and get help from places like TaxAct and H&R Block through Savvy Perks.

New Year, New Planner

The end of the year is approaching…You can get discounted planners for 2023 with Savvy Perks.

Discounted Office Supplies

Need new office supplies? Save on all the basics when you sign up with Savvy Perks.

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