Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International is one of the top cruise lines in the entire world. Now you can save $60 in cashback when you schedule your appointment through Savvy Perks. Royal Caribbean is a perfect vacation for anyone who loves adventures and relaxation. With a Royal Caribbean cruise, you get the best of both worlds!
Royal Caribbean, Pool Deck

Royal Caribbean Cruises are the Perfect Vacation

Whether you have a huge family of kids, or if you just want a romantic week away with your significant other, a Royal Caribbean cruise has you covered.

You can take your kids in any number of pools all across the deck, or spend a day in the spa at sea.

Not to mention the numerous locations that you can visit as well. There are over 300 locations that your cruise can stop at for the day, including islands their own private paradise, Cococay.

Royal Caribbean, Employee Incentive

You Can Offer a Discount as Pay per Performance

As a house cleaning business owner, if you belong to Savvy Perks, you can even offer this to your employees as part of your point system.

Your employees will gain and lose points based on their performance over the year. And if you can’t pay for Savvy Perks for each employee, you can offer discounts as prizes.

Depending on the tier, you can give an employee your discount to take their family on a cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Aren’t Going Right Now

Right now, because of COVID-19, Royal Caribbean has suspended their operations until September 16th, 2020. Because of this, you might not be able to use your discount right away. 

But the great news is you can use the discount at any time. And they are reusable, meaning you can save money over and over again!

Make sure you use your Savvy Perks discount to get $60 in cashback for your family’s next vacation, or an incentive for your employees!

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