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Savvy Perks Restaurant Deals, Discounts and Savings

Savvy Perks restaurant deals, discounts, and restaurant coupons are the new rage. If you’re a small business owner and you dine in dine out these fast food deals are for you.

Restaurant deals for a breakfast meeting make you look professional, and the 2 for 1 savings will keep money in your pocket.

Restaurant deals are part of a great employee perks program where you can reward your team at half price restaurants. You know, buy one get one free? Shh, but employee benefits for small business are one of the cheap food hacks of this century.

Celebrate with cheap birthday cakes or even a cheap wedding cake. Nobody has to know you’re an extreme cheapskate eating out.

Need entertainment ideas for events you’re hosting or entertainment ideas for parties? Don’t worry Savvy Perks has the deals and discounts you need to pull it off at unbeatable savings.

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Plate of spaghetti with question mark made of cheese, restaurant dealsWhat Are Restaurant Deals?

Restaurant deals are also known as restaurant discounts that are deducted from the price of your meal whether you dine in or dine out. Restaurant coupons vary in amounts but are usually enticing enough to get new customers in the door.

Why Offer Restaurant Deals?

Some eateries or cafes offer BOGO (buy one get one free) offers during happy hour which is a slow time of the day between lunch and dinner. If a restaurant isn’t selling food and drinks they aren’t making any money. So, a food court might advertise breakfast deals to draw a crowd in the morning that they may not have otherwise.

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Who Benefits from Restaurant Deals?

Question mark of vegetables questioning restaurant dealsEverybody benefits from restaurant deals. The bistro wins because they get new customers. And it’s a slam dunk for the customer who gets irresistible savings.

It’s great for the advertiser who sold the ad because they make money from the restaurant. And it helps the restaurant figure out which ads are bringing in customers.

And when you redeem an ad, it shows the eatery what type of ad you responded to, which helps them tailor their discounts and your future savings.

What Is the Difference Between a Discount and a Coupon?

30% Discount from restaurant dealswoman in supermarket with couponCoupons are advertisements that offer discounts. The coupon tells you what type of restaurant perks you get for your money. Coupons usually come in the form of percentage savings like 10% off your entire bill. Or it could be incredible values like $10 off a $20 food sale.

Sometimes your coupon will be an upsell. These we call “eat drink deals.” This is where you buy an entrée and a desert and get a drink free. Because you want the free drink, you’ll buy the desert, when all you really wanted was the main dish.

Burger coupon and other restaurant dealsHow Do You Get Coupons for Fast Food Deals?

Vouchers can be printed and mailed to you, passed out as flyers or even included on the back of a business card. Sometimes you can also find online coupons available on restaurant websites. Or through an employee discount program like Savvy Perks.

Savvy Perks is a smartphone app connected to GPS. So, wherever you go, you can find deals and coupons. Any participating restaurants, coffee shops, grille or steakhouse near you will pop up.

What Is the Difference Between a Coupon and a Perk?

Apps, Savvy PerksWe just discussed the coupon and Webster’s dictionary describes the word “perk” as take a turn for the better, look up, pick up, and bounce back.

So, in terms of Savvy Perks, this means your personal economy is about to take a turn for the better, to look up, to pick up and to bounce back. Hooray!

The secret to having employee benefits, perks, discounts etc. is to use them. If you don’t use them, you lose them.

And at the ridiculously low price of monthly membership – I’ve saved over a year’s membership the first three days I was signed on to Savvy Perks. It’s a complete no-brainer.

What is the Difference Between a Coupon and a Gift Certificate?

Restaurant Deals Voucher 50 ValueA coupon gives you a discount on your purchase. Either money off the total sale price, or a fixed savings amount. A gift certificate is a fixed amount of money.

Say it’s your birthday and your Mom gives you a gift certificate to a restaurant for $50.

When you go to that restaurant, you get to order $50 worth of food. The gift certificate has nothing to do with a coupon. It is the way you pay. It’s like using a credit card or cash.

Let’s say you are paying for your meal with a gift certificate. And you have a Savvy Perks membership. And your restaurant deals for today’s dinner are $15.00 off your entire purchase. So, you order $50 worth of food. Using your Savvy Perks discount coupon, you pay $35.00 at the end of your meal. And you pay with your gift certificate. Now you walk away with a $15.00 credit to use again at a later date.

$50 – $35 = $15

What is the Difference Between a Gift Certificate and a Gift Card?

FAQ Gift Cards Hands holding a gift cardA gift certificate and a gift card are essentially the same and used the same way. You use them to pay for a meal.

Gift certificates are also issued for services and stores. They don’t have to be just restaurants.

When issued by a particular company the rules and specifications for that card or certificate will be on the back.

Some gift cards are partner cards. This means that the parent company that owns five different restaurants will honor your gift card at any of the restaurants.

A Gift Certificate Is Often Issued by a Sole Location

Recently we had friends celebrating an anniversary. And since we were not there to celebrate we contacted their favorite restaurant. The restaurant doesn’t have gift cards. Oddly enough, they didn’t have gift certificates either. But they agreed to sell us one.

They let us pay via credit card and they gave us a confirmation number. This number they wrote on a post-it-note with the couple’s name and stuck at the cash register. LOL (I know, really old school, but hey.)

We made up a gift certificate for them in Canva and added their names and the confirmation number.

We received a thank you from them a few weeks later saying they loved the dinner and had no problems redeeming the gift certificate.

Tomato with question mark in center questioning restaurant dealsCan You Use Your Savvy Perks Discounts to Buy Restaurant Gift Cards?

This is a great question. Every eating establishment is different. Many chain restaurants have rules and regulations. They say you cannot use coupons or dining discounts from employee discount programs to buy gift cards.

Independently owned café and treats shops have their own rules as do groceries and markets and bakeries.

The Savvy Perks smartphone app has all company policies listed on every online coupon. This makes knowing what is and is not allowed easy. If there are any cheap food hacks restrictions it will be listed on the coupon for that restaurant.

How Can You Find Restaurant Deals?

Handman finds restaurant deals on Savvy PerksThe easiest, most convenient way I know is to have the deal you need when you’re ready to buy. The Savvy Perks (employee benefits for small business) app is on your smartphone. And it’s nationwide. And it represents 250,000 participating restaurants and retailers.

Because your smartphone has GPS, the Savvy Perks app can show you all the deals at all the places wherever you are.

The super cool thing about this is you can find tempting discounts on food. But you can also find rock-bottom prices on a bunch of nearby stores as well. So, if you’re out shopping, you can use your Savvy Perks for shoes, clothes, electronics, household and gardening goods. And then when you’re ready to kick back and take a break, you can get dinner and dessert with your perks too.

What if I Can’t Find My Favorite Restaurant on Savvy Perks?

Add a Listing for Restaurant DealsAs a registered user of Savvy Perks, you can recommend any restaurant, coffee shop, store, retailer or service you like. If they take your money in exchange for a product or service you can request them.

There is a simple online form you fill out. Once you submit it, the dynamic sales team (that’s brings you over 250,000 vendors now) will contact them and invite them to come play.

How Do You Redeem Restaurant Deals through Savvy Perks?

Restaurant Deals - Savvy Perks AppSo, you’re driving in your car and you’re hungry. And you open your Savvy Perks smartphone app.

  • You choose among your favorite cuisines.

American, Asian, Italian, or Cajun food. Who knows, maybe it’s BBQ, French, Middle Eastern, or Pizza. Or it might be Latin America, Japanese, Mexican, Sandwiches, or Steakhouses.

Maybe you love Sushi, Thai, Vegetarian, Seafood Burgers, and Chinese. Spaghetti, takeout, Tex-Mex, fast food, bakery, and Hibachi grill, are also options but you get the idea.

  • Savvy Perks will return a selection of choices for you with the restaurant deals.

Choose Your Flavor – Choose Your Deals

  • Young African American woman smiling looking at restaurant deals on phoneYou pick the restaurant and you go inside and order your meal.
  • When it’s time for you to pay, you will have a coupon code, promo code or scannable coupon.

The restaurant uses that when they ring up your check. The total amount you pay has your Savvy Perks discount magically removed from your bill.

It’s exhilarating and addicting to save on everything like this.

Are Restaurant Deals Limited to One Person?

Table of Friends sharing Restaurant DealsRestaurant deals are different. Some are “buy one get one free” offers. Some are 15% off the total amount. So, if you have four people eating, you can ask, “Can we do the buy one get one free twice?” Some restaurants say no, some say yes.

And if you’re paying for the meal 15% off the entire check would include the drinks, food, and deserts for the entire table. Unless otherwise noted.

The key is to read the coupon details at each place before using. This way there are no surprises, and you’re not asking a new hire that is unfamiliar with how Savvy Perks works.

What Happens If a Restaurant Won’t Honor Restaurant Deals?

Yelp Review from Savvy Perks about Restaurant DealsThe restaurant is paying to be part of the employee discount network. This is an advertising cost for them. So, it is in their best interest to honor the coupons they pay for.

Just like eBay and Amazon, every coupon links to an online rating and review. In this case, it’s Yelp.

So, if you go to a restaurant and you have a bad experience, (and I hope you don’t.) Or if they don’t honor your Savvy Perks deal, you can leave a rating and review right there on Yelp from the convenience of your smartphone. You don’t even have to look up the place on Yelp. Savvy Perks does it for you.

We’re a strong believer in ratings and reviews. And we WANT you to have a sensational experience, and we want to read all about it on Yelp. Just don’t forget to include the hashtag #SavvyPerks.

Other Ways to Use Restaurant Deals

Restaurant Deals offer Graduation Party Decorations and foodSavvy Perks is set up as an employee benefits program for small business. If you are the business owner and you have a breakfast meeting, party, or even if you need entertainment ideas for events go to Savvy Perks. Lots of restaurants offer catering and can help you with your food and entertainment ideas.

NOTE: Don’t forget that Savvy Perks also has party stores. This means if you need costumes, decorations, floral arrangements, and party favors you can get them at dazzling low prices.

And once you’re a member of Savvy Perks you can use it for any personal use as well. Need home entertainment ideas? Savvy Perks.

Planning a wedding and need a cheap wedding cake? Savvy Perks

Or a graduation or employee birthday party and you need decorations? Cakes? Balloons? Savvy Perks for remarkable savings.

Outside the Box Restaurant Deals

Kids Eat Free Restaurant DealsKids eat free restaurant deals are popular with parents. Sometimes nights of the week will be a “kids night” which encourage families to visit places they don’t normally go.

Breakfast specials, lunch specials, and dinner specials – Woohoo! These are all ways restaurants can increase revenue by offering discounts during slow times of the day.

Managers specials are a good way to sell food that is not selling – and it’s got to go before it goes bad, or the next shipment arrives. These are usually “flash sales” and sometimes offered along with your regular Savvy Perks discounts.

So, if a dish is $5 off, and your Savvy Perks discount is “buy one get one free”, you may still get the free item plus $5 off your meal.

We call this “twice delight.” Savvy Perks delights us with a deal, and the restaurant delights us with theirs and the restaurant honors both – hence “twice delight.”

What Are the Restrictions on Restaurant Deals?

restaurant deals on bar foodA tavern may offer a restaurant deal or bonus that does not include alcoholic beverages. They assume since you’re going to lounge at the bars you will be drinking anyway. So, they won’t give you a tantalizing saving for drinks. They’ve already got your money there. But they want to increase your tab by encouraging you to buy intoxicating buffalo wild wings, spicy shrimp or fried egg rolls.

You Don’t Have to Be an Extreme Cheapskate Eating Out

But if gobs of places have restaurant deals for the taking – take ‘em. Whether you’re hungry for burgers, chicken, pizza or even just grabbing a coffee – the deals are yours.

Fast food, fine dining, snack bars, gas stations, bakeries. The list is endless.   Check it out https://SavvyPerks.com  Or join now.

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