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Real Underwear is an apparel brand that also offers personal protective equipment (PPE). Now you can use your Savvy Perks to save on any order, whether it’s their comfy undergarments or PPE for your house cleaning!  
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Personal Protective Equipment is Important for House Cleaners

Especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment is a must for house cleaners.

As you return to work as a solo operator, or as your employees head back to client’s homes, they need equipment now more than ever.

Protective face masks, gloves, and other PPE is especially important to stop the spread of COVID-19 during this pandemic.

House Cleaners Can’t Work Without PPE

Even without the outbreak of Coronavirus, PPE is important for house cleaners to wear.

Most house cleaners will at least wear gloves while they are at a client’s house, and now it is necessary to work in most places.

Even leaving the house in most states, you should have a mask on to prevent the spread of the virus.

Real Underwear, House Cleaner in Mask
Real Underwear, Woman Shopping at Store in Mask

COVID-19 Has Created a New Normal

Working with a protective face mask is not ideal for anyone, as most of them can be stuffy and hard to breathe in. However, with COVID-19, there is now a new normal.

In order for customers to invite you back into their home, you’re going to have to wear PPE so they feel safe. 

Even going to the store will require a mask. COVID-19 is going to change a lot of health regulations, especially for house cleaners. Eek, I know, but Real Underwear is ready to help you get ahead of the curve.

Save Money With Savvy Perks and Real Underwear

When you use your Savvy Perks membership, you can save 25% on your order of face masks, gloves, and other PPE on Real Underwear’s website.

Or you can also save 25% on any of their other apparel to wear while cleaning, or in regular life.

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