Progressive Desk

Progressive Desk is a stand-up desk company that is great for house cleaners and business owners to save with Savvy Perks!

Having a desk area and a workspace at home is really important for house cleaners as they grow their small business. Especially now when businesses has moved online because of the pandemic, having a space at home where you can run the backend of the business is super important.

Having an Office Area is Important for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, having a space where you can be effective in running your business from home has become very important. Being able to work from home when you’re not cleaning has become a huge part of business, and having an office space is the best way to do that.

The Progressive Desk is a stand up desk that is perfect for cleaners and small business owners. Having a stand up desk has a ton of health benefits compared to sitting desks. These include but aren’t limited to: decreased risk of obesity and weight loss, lower blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease, reduced back pain, and boosted productivity.

Tons of businesses and entrepreneurs are joining the standing desk movement, but the Progressive Desk is electric so you can set it to the height that is best for you, sitting or standing, and change it whenever you want!

Save On Progressive Desk With Savvy Perks

Buying a new desk can be a big investment, but it’s worth it to have that space, especially when your desk helps your work productivity. However, you can now save even more on an amazing Progressive Desk when you use your Savvy Perks!

The two have partnered up to bring you discounted prices on their great desks. Now you can easily run your business from home in a cozy office with your Progressive Desk!

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