Planet Smoothie

Planet Smoothie is a great way for cleaners to stay energized throughout the day while on the job and save money with Savvy Perks! A smoothie can be a great energizer for cleaners in the morning, and even a good healthy meal during the day as well. And now that they’ve partnered with Savvy Perks, Planet Smoothie is also great for keeping your wallet full!  
Planet Smoothie Strawberry Smoothie

Smoothies are an Amazing Snack for House Cleaners

For most house cleaners, eating is a big problem for them. This is because it’s so hard to eat while on the go. House cleaners can’t just pack a full meal and eat it in their cars (at least not comfortably). Not to mention just how long it takes to make a good meal!

This is why house cleaners a lot of times use shakes and smoothies as their meals throughout the day. Shakes and smoothies are amazing for people on the go, especially house cleaners!

You can drink them in the car between jobs, or in a cooling cup so it lasts all day. Not to mention the health benefits of having a smoothie rather than eating out! So, while you’re out cleaning all day, you can stay refreshed without having to worry about keeping silverware or leaving food in your car all day.

Save Time and Money With Planet Smoothie and Savvy Perks

Planet Smoothie is a great solution for cleaners looking to stay energized without having to spend too much time in the mornings making food, or even making their own smoothies. This way you can save time before work and still make sure you’re refreshed!

But time is not the only thing you’ll save. Planet Smoothie has also partnered with Savvy Perks to save you a ton of money on their smoothie options. 

They have a ton of smoothies that have amazing ingredients to give you natural energy and keep you cleaning all day! And now you can save on them all with your Savvy Perks!

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