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Paragon Home Resources is a unique relocation company that can save you tons of money on a move, and now you can save more with Savvy Perks! Sometimes, whether it’s for the house cleaning company or the company your spouse works for, you might have to move. And that can be expensive, but you can now save tons of money with Paragon Home Resources.
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House Cleaners Have to Move Sometimes

When you have to move for your spouse’s job, that can be a very expensive and stressful experience. On top of finding new clients to clean for, you also have to deal with finding new schools for your kids, new doctors, dentists, vets if you have pets, and of course a new house.

Finding a new house for you and your family is Paragon’s specialty. They use their knowledge and expertise to help you relocate in the most painless way possible.

This way you can focus on finding new work in the town or state you’re moving to!

Paragon Home Resources is a Great Way to Make Sure Your Move is Less Stressful

With Paragon, they’ve been consulting relocations since they were created in 1991. So, you know that they can be trusted in their expertise.

But, even the best plans can fail, especially with all of the variables involved with moving. So, they change their plans and adjust them based on each client.

This way they can find the best possible way to make sure your moving experience is as pain-free as possible.

Get a Cash Reward When You Buy or Sell Your Home with Paragon

Paragon knows that buying and selling a house can be very expensive, especially if you’re moving to a highly populated state or to a bigger house. 

So, they have partnered with your Savvy Perks to give a cash reward of up to thousands of dollars when you buy or sell your home with them.

With Savvy Perks and Paragon Home Resources, your move will be made much less stressful on your mind, and your wallet!

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