Open Spaces

Open Spaces is a home organization store that cleaners can use to gain peace of mind in their own homes and save money with Savvy Perks! House cleaners are often very organized people, but some aren’t. Either way, everyone loves an organized home. Now you can have an organized home and save money with Savvy Perks!  
Open Spaces Organized Home

House Cleaners are Usually Very Organized People

As a house cleaner, you have to have that organization bone in you somewhere. It’s almost like a gift, you can sense where things should go in a client’s house without having to ask every time. Or you can easily help them and upsell as an organizer.

Even if you’re a cleaner and you struggle with organization, everyone strives to have a perfectly organized house. It just makes it easier to come home and find what you need, because you know exactly where it’s going to be. 

Open Spaces is a great way to organize your home, no matter who you are. Whether you strive in organized spaces, or you’re trying to up your organization game! Having your own organized space at home will help you as a cleaner. Both because it’s a useful skill in house cleaning, and it will help your mental health!

Save on Organization for Your Home With Savvy Perks

Open Spaces knows the great feeling that washes over you when you come home and you’re looking for something and you know exactly where it is. It’s an amazing feeling. And the frustration of not being able to find something and wasting time searching is another feeling people know all too well.

But they also know organizing can be expensive, so, they have partnered with Savvy Perks to save small business owners and house cleaners a ton of money. 

Now you can hone your organization skills at a low price! Or you can bring that great feeling of a clean and organized home to your home. And you can apply those skills to your customers too! With Savvy Perks and Open Spaces, you can do it all at a great price as well!

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