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My Telemedicine Membership Savings

My Telemedicine is a 24/7 unlimited doctor consultation plan over the phone. Save with Savvy Perks when you call in for a doctor consult.

You especially can’t afford to see a doctor for any small symptom. You have to clean houses to make money, and if you’re skipping cleaning appointments for mild cold symptoms you can’t do that.

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My Telemedicine Saves House Cleaners Time and Money

With My Telemedicine, house cleaners don’t need to take any trips to the emergency room or schedule an appointment with a doctor. 

Imagine if you wake up at 7:30, and you have a cleaning appointment at 8:30. But you wake up feeling sick. You can give a call to a doctor through My Telemedicine, and they can instruct you on what to do to feel better during the day.

You can save time that would otherwise be spent making an appointment or waiting in the emergency room, and by saving time, you’re also saving money.

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House Cleaners Get Sick and So Do Their Families

As a house cleaner, you can get sick like anyone else. But so can your family, and you know if you have kids, they can overreact if they start feeling sick. 

Instead of you trying to scramble in the morning, and wasting your time trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment, you can access a doctor any time. 

Any of My Telemedicine’s doctors can assist you or your family whenever you need it, whether that be early mornings or late at night.

Get a Discounted Plan with Savvy Perks and My Telemedicine

My Telemedicine offers two different plans, a solo plan, and a family plan. But with Savvy Perks, you can save a percentage off of each plan. For the solo plan, you will save 15%, and for the family plan, you save 20% when you sign up through Savvy Perks.

So no matter if you live alone or if you have a spouse and children, you can save time and money with My Telemedicine by signing up with Savvy Perks.