Lyft is a national ride-sharing app that you can use for a variety of reasons! And now you can save on rides with your Savvy Perks!  House cleaners can use Lyft to get places when they don’t have their own car to go somewhere, or if they feel they shouldn’t be driving.
Lyft Rideshare

RideSharing is a Great Way to Get Around Safely

Ridesharing has become ultra-popular in recent years with companies like Lyft and Uber blowing up. When you’re a house cleaner, you might not have your own personal car and your company might provide you with one. Or maybe you only want to use your car for work.

So, you can use Lyft to make sure that you’re able to get where you need to be! It’s also great for if you have a night out, and you’re not in a huge city with a bunch of taxis, you can make sure you stay safe on your way home. 

Another reason to use it is when you need to get to the airport, but you don’t want to pay for parking your car while you’re gone. You can just call a Lyft driver. And the best part is, you never have to worry about anyone sketchy driving because of their background checks and easy emergency help.

Lyft Driver With Mask

Lyft Can Be a Source of Income for Some House Cleaners

Lyft has also become another source of income for millions of people around the U.S. And if you have your car, and you want to use it for more and make more money for you and your family on top of cleaning, becoming a driver might be a good idea for you.

As much as they do to protect their passengers, Lyft also accommodates drivers to make sure everyone is safe. Providing for your family can be hard, and having a second job where you get to choose your hours is always a big help. You can do driving and house cleaning as well!

Save on Rides With Your Savvy Perks

If you’re someone who feels like cleaning is enough for them, and you just want a ride somewhere that’s safe, then you can use Lyft for rides. But you can save money too! All you have to do is use your Savvy Perks.

You just download the app or go to their website from your Savvy Perks and you can save away!