Lenovo is a technology company that is focused on computers that you can now save big on when you shop with your Savvy Perks! As many business owners and students go back to work and school, we’re in unprecedented times. So, you need different equipment to keep you prepared as we move forward.  
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Is Your Work Computer Up to Speed?

If you’re running a business you need the proper tools to make your job easier.

Luckily, Lenovo has the perfect tech to keep you and your business running smoothly with all the latest apps.

Now you can access all your cleaning scheduling, apps, software, calendars and work orders on your laptop from any location.

No matter how you work from home, you can get everything you need to do done on a Lenovo device.

Lenovo, College Student

House Cleaners May Have Students Who Need A Laptop

Another world that has shifted because of COVID, is schools. Kids are now going to school in a mostly online environment, and they need a device to power them through College or school.

Lenovo has amazing laptops for students, or even a tablet to help younger kids learn. Their laptops are focused on portability, and they are light and great for carrying around campus (or their home).

As kids continue to adapt to new learning conditions, keep them well prepared with products from Lenovo!

Save Money on Lenovo Products With Savvy Perks

Buying a new computer or laptop can be scary, especially with the big price tags they can bring with them. But now, you can save tons of money on devices from Lenovo when you shop with your Savvy Perks membership.

Keep yourself and your kids prepared as we continue down the path of virtual learning and business and save money with Savvy Perks!

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