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Savvy Perks Insane Hair Care Discounts

Hair Care Dye KitSavvy Perks wants you to know about these insane hair care discounts, deals, and savings you can access through your smartphone app.

Hair care (cuts, color, dye, shampoos, and style) are some of the employee benefits in our discount savings club. Motivate your employees with loyalty perks redeemable at hair salons and beauty supplies stores nationwide.

Hair care should be in all employee benefits programs as it improves the professional look of your team. Who knew you could redeem loyalty rewards with hairstylists, salon owners, and celebrity stylists?  We call it a rewards program at its finest.

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PS. We offer benefits for part-time employees as well as entrepreneur benefits.

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Everybody Wants Hair Care Deals

Hair care deals are also known as salon discounts that are deducted from the price of your hair styling bill at check out. Hair salon coupons vary in amounts but are usually enticing enough to get new customers in the door.

Why Offer Hair Care or Hairstylist Savings?

Hair Care Wow SaleWhen a salon gets a new stylist or maybe they have a celebrity stylist on a tour that’s dropping in, they will host an outrageous hair-cutting event. This draws out all the coupon clippers.

The bonanza also entices new customers who have been thinking about switching to a new color, or they need highlights for the summer.

Who Benefits from Hair Care Discounts?

Everybody benefits from hair care coupons, especially beauty supplies stores. They get new customers in the door with a bogo (buy-one-get-one-free) voucher. And it’s a slam dunk for the customer who gets irresistible savings.

What Is the Difference Between a Discount and a Coupon?

Beauty Salon Hair Care CouponCoupons are advertisements that offer discounts. The coupon tells you what type of hair care perks you get for your money. Coupons usually come in the form of percentage savings like 10% off your entire bill. Or it could be incredible values like $5 off a $20 haircut.

Sometimes your coupon will be an upsell. These we call “don’t forget deals.” This is where you buy a hair dye or color treatment and “don’t forget the conditioner you’ll need to seal the treatment.” Because you want the hues to last, you’ll pay the extra money to buy the conditioner. And the perk is that you get it half off.

How Do You Get Coupons for Hair Care Discounts?

App, Savvy Perks for Android and IOS, FooterVouchers can be printed and mailed to you, passed out as flyers or even included on the back of a business card.

Now, thanks to technology with an employee discount program like Savvy Perks your deals are on your phone wherever you go.

Savvy Perks is a smartphone app connected to GPS. So, wherever you go, you can find unbeatable deals, coupons, and savings. Any participating hair salon, barber shop, or hair-cutter near you will pop up. Savvy Perks also gives you access to 250,000  restaurants and retailers – but today we’re just focusing on hair.  You still get all the other group discounts too.

What Is the Difference Between a Coupon and a Perk?

Perk Definition DictionaryWe just discussed the coupon and Webster’s dictionary describes the word “perk” as take a turn for the better, look up, pick up, and bounce back.

So, in terms of Savvy Perks, this means your personal economy is about to take a turn for the better, to look up, to pick up and to bounce back. Hooray!

The secret to having employee benefits, perks, discounts etc. is to use them. If you don’t use them, you lose them.

And at the ridiculously low price of monthly membership – you’ll save the price of your membership on one or two uses. It’s a complete no-brainer.

What is the Difference Between a Coupon and a Gift Certificate?

A coupon gives you a discount on your purchase. Either money off the total sale price, or a fixed savings amount. A gift certificate is a fixed amount of money.

Antonios Hair Care Gift CertificateSay its Mother’s Day and your kids give you a gift certificate to a salon for $50.

When you go to that salon, you get to spend $50 on any service of your choice. A bob and bangs, a frost, tint, undercut, trim, perm. You name it. The gift certificate has nothing to do with a coupon. It is the way you pay. It’s like using a credit card or cash.

Let’s say you are paying for your new hairstyle with a gift certificate. And you have a Savvy Perks membership. And your hair care discount for today’s salon pampering is $15.00 off your entire purchase. Let’s say your bill comes to $65.00

Using your Savvy Perks discount coupon, your $65. is now $50 and you can use your Mother’s Day gift certificate from your kids and spend no money out of pocket.

I can see you already – charging out of the salon with a bold new confidence and a trendy new look.

What is the Difference Between a Gift Certificate and a Gift Card?

FAQ Gift Cards Hands holding a gift cardA gift certificate and a gift card are essentially the same and used the same way. You use them to pay for hair supplies, hairstyles, or even a hair consultation.

Gift certificates are also issued for hair styling services and beauty supply stores. They don’t have to be just salons.

When issued by a particular company the rules and specifications for that card or certificate will be on the back.

How Can You Find Hair Care Deals and Discounts?

Savvy Perks Hair Care AppThe easiest, most convenient way I know is to have the deal you need when you’re ready to buy. The Savvy Perks (employee benefits for small business) app is on your smartphone. And it’s nationwide. And it represents 250,000 participating restaurants and retailers.

Because your smartphone has GPS, the Savvy Perks app can show you all the deals at all the places wherever you are.

The super cool thing is if you’re like me – a new hair do strikes you one day on a whim. You haven’t given it a lot of thought, but today you have super frizzy unmanageable hair. You just want a dramatic cut or some new flair to frame your face.

Savvy Perks will let you know what participating salons near you offer ridiculous savings.

What if I Can’t Find the My Favorite Salon on Savvy Perks?

Add a Listing for Restaurant DealsAs a registered user of Savvy Perks, you can recommend any salon, hairstylist, shop, store, retailer or service you like. If they take your money in exchange for a product or service you can request them.

There is a simple online form you fill out. Once you submit it, the dynamic sales team (that’s brings you over 250,000 vendors now) will contact them and invite them to join the group discount network.

How Do You Redeem Hair Care Discounts through Savvy Perks?

You find the salon or beauty supply store on Savvy Perks. And you can do this by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

Savvy Perks, Hair Cut Discounts Magnifying Glass

Then you type in the name of the store or salon and the location.

Location Search Hair Care Deals

Next, you’ll see the coupon and if you have questions, you can click on the company website or call them.

Savvy Perks, Web and Fine Print for Hair Care Coupon

Once you’ve clicked on your coupon you will see a coupon code or scannable barcode. You have until the expiration date to use this coupon.

Savvy Perks Hair Care Coupon

Are Hair Care Discounts Limited to One Person?

Hair Care deals are different based on location and stylist. Some salons offer one get one free offers. In this case, read the fine print to see if the other person getting the cut must be done at the same appointment. If so, you and your child, or you and your partner could go together to jazz up your looks.

The key is to read the coupon details before using. This way there are no surprises, and you’re not asking a new stylist or cashier that may be unfamiliar with how Savvy Perks works.

Mother and Daughter hair care
Yelp Review

What Happens If a Salon Won’t Honor the Hair Care Deals?

The salon is paying to be part of the group discount network. This is an advertising cost for them. So, it is in their best interest to honor the coupons they pay for. Employee perks programs like this bring in lots of new business. So, it prevents the solopreneur or small business owner from having to create their own senior discounts. This rewards program is extreme couponing at its best. And the coupon shopper knows how to leave online reviews.

Every deal is connected to a Yelp review where as a Savvy Perks member you can leave your opinion about your experience.

We’re a strong believer in ratings and reviews. And we WANT you to have a sensational experience, and we want to read all about it on Yelp. Just don’t forget to include the hashtag #SavvyPerks.

Other Ways to Use Savvy Perks Hair Care Deals

Savvy Perks is set up as an employee benefits program for small business. If you are the business owner you can host a contest at work for all employees. Set some rules and a contest date. The winner gets a makeover, or a new haircut, or a gift certificate they can use for new extensions, a frost, a new dye job – whatever they want. Or you could pick up in advance a gift basket of hair care products for the winner.

This type of incentive goes hand in hand with a meeting you have on hygiene. And you can let team members grade themselves daily or they can vote “best dressed” of the coworkers.

Rewards Are for Progress Made

The point is you up level the look of professionalism at your company. And you can pay for the gifts, or gift certificates to the salon, or beauty supply stores with your Savvy Perks membership.

Members of your team will start looking forward to these sessions – in hopes of getting some trendy new loot.

Hair Care Make Over
Photo Shoot for Hair Care Makeover

Company Photos and Advertisements

Every company needs photos for social media, advertisements and your website. What better way to get your team looking best than to announce a company makeover day where you go together to the salon. Everybody gets an updo, shave, trim, highlights, touch up or whatever you decide.

Then at a designated time and in uniform, you have professional photos taken that you will use for the next year to promote your business.

This is great employee recognition. It’s a way to motivate your employees, motivate your staff, and motivate your team.


Of course, when you’re a member of Savvy Perks you can use your member benefits on personal services too. Imagine your teenager is going to the prom and you’re expected to pay for the hairstylist and makeup artist. Think Savvy Perks first for unbeatable savings.

Hair Care Design for Proms
Hair Care Design for Weddings


Maybe you or one of your relatives is getting married and your everyday hair just won’t do. No problem. You can use your Savvy Perks employee benefits to save money on your special occasion hair.


Everybody has birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and retirements. And s some people are super hard to shop for. Now you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong thing.

A gift certificate to a nearby salon lets them be pampered in style. Nothing to wrap, ship, store or dust. Booyah!

Hair Care Gift Certificate at Michelles
Manicured hands giving tip for hair care

What Are the Restrictions of Hair Care Discounts?

Because salons are a service business the hairstylists only get paid when they work. Regardless of the insane discounts you get from Savvy Perks, please remember to always tip your stylist an appropriate amount. Twenty percent of the price of service is standard, but if the stylist does a superb job, more is always appreciated.

These restrictions aren’t posted anywhere and a stylist will never ask you for a tip. But if your looks have just been reinvented by a color technician with talent and imagination, don’t be an extreme cheapskate. It will make you look bad even if you’re beautiful.

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