Grub Hub

Grub Hub is a food delivery service that house cleaners can use to order their favorite foods to their homes and save with Savvy Perks.  House cleaners spend a lot of time on the go, but they might not have the time to go out and get food when they want to.  
Grub Hub Delivery Man

Grub Hub Saves House Cleaners Time for Cooking 

House cleaners don’t always have time to cook, it’s just reality. Meal prepping helps and having quick meals to make, but as a cleaner, you’re going to have to eat out sometimes. But, with Grub Hub, you can eat out without leaving your own home!

This is especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic when you don’t want to take any extra risks of getting sick, especially as winter hits and more people are getting sick again. It’s important not to take risks as a house cleaner because if you get sick you can’t work for two weeks and that’s how you support yourself.

It also allows you to get more done around the house after you get home from work because you’re not going through the whole process of cooking dinner, eating it, and then cleaning it up. So, you can do laundry or clean your own home, or even god forbid relax while you wait for your food!

Save Money on Meal Delivery With Savvy Perks!

Grub Hub is known for saving people time by having their drivers deliver your food to your house. But, they have also partnered with Savvy Perks to save house cleaners money! 

Food delivery can be expensive because of the convenience and Grub Hub has to pay the drivers. But, with their Savvy Perks partnership, house cleaners can get food for less than going to get it themselves! And you can use this deal repeatedly, whenever you need a break from cleaning, or you need a quick meal.
With Grub Hub and Savvy Perks, you can get all your favorite meals delivered to your doorstep, all without paying typical delivery prices!

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