is a great way for house cleaners to get glasses for them and their families and get a great deal too! Many cleaners need glasses, but more importantly, many of their kids and family members need glasses too. So, no matter who needs them, you can find a pair of glasses to keep them seeing well and safe.  

Glasses are Helpful in Keeping Cleaners Safe While Working

House cleaning safety is not something a lot of cleaners think about when they’re getting into the business. Safety is actually a big deal on the job, and some people think, how dangerous can house cleaning be?

Well, house cleaning can be dangerous, and the risks only multiply if you need glasses and don’t have them. Not being able to see clearly is a big risk for cleaners. And not only to their bodily health, but to their business’ health.

Not being able to see well can cause house cleaners to stumble or trip on things, and that can lead to serious injuries for cleaners, especially those who are a little older. And tripping over things could also make you break something.

And breaking things is why it’s a risk to your business. If you can’t see, and you break something expensive, your clients are going to be very unhappy, and you might lose business, which costs you money.

Save on Glasses for the Entire Family With Your Savvy Perks

Instead of costing you money, is here to save you money. Now you can find a pair of glasses for a great deal to match your prescription, so that you can stay safe on the job.

But not only that, you can also save on glasses for your whole family! A lot of kids are needing glasses now too, and if you’re a cleaner, a lot of times that’s only one of your jobs. You’re also a parent.

So, when your kids need glasses, or when your spouse or parents need glasses, or you need glasses, you can save a ton of money when you shop at And they have partnered with Savvy Perks so cleaners can save even more on glasses!

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