Ford is an American automotive maker that has been making high-quality cars since 1903. Now you can get discounts on Ford vehicles with your Savvy Perks! Woo hoo! Whether it’s a personal car that you use for cleaning as well or company cars that you let your employees use to clean, you can choose a reliable Ford car to carry you there.
Ford, Fuel Economy

House Cleaners Need Great Gas Mileage

As a house cleaner, you’re going to be driving a lot back and forth to get to client’s homes. 

So, you need good gas mileage on whatever car that you’re driving. Luckily, Ford offers a top-notch fuel economy on most of its vehicles to keep you from having to stop for gas all the time.

When house cleaners use Ford vehicles, they can save money and time because their cars will keep them driving to their client appointments.

Ford, Company Vans

Ford Has Cars for Any Type of House Cleaner

No matter what kind of house cleaner you are, Ford will keep you rolling on (no pun intended) to your house cleaning jobs.

Whether you are a solo operator and you need a car that can suit both your job and your life. Or you’re a house cleaning business owner who needs a few cars with great fuel economy for their company. Or maybe you are a commercial cleaning company that needs a van or two to carry their supplies from building to building.

Whoever you are, no matter what kind of house cleaner you are, you can find the right vehicle for you at Ford.

Save Tons of Money on Ford Vehicles With Your Savvy Perks

Ford tries their best to make their vehicles affordable, and that started back at the company’s founding. But with Savvy Perks, they become even more affordable.

Now when you buy a car from a Ford dealer, you can save hundreds on used vehicles. But even more, when you buy a new vehicle, you can save thousands of dollars!!

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